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Service Standards

To enable us to process your applications within the service standards, please ensure that your applications are duly completed with the necessary supporting documents. We will adhere to the following service standards, in our best efforts.

Note: "Working days" refer to Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.

Select the category below:
Healthcare Matters
Home Protection Scheme (HPS)
Dependants’ Education
Withdrawal on Non-Retirement Grounds
Other CPF Matters
Self Employed
Employer's First Payment And Records
Foreign Worker Levy
Government-Paid Leave
Business Partners
Direct Debit/GIRO Matters
Foreign Worker Levy Manual Transaction E-Transaction
Refund of Foreign Worker Levy (Business/Domestic Employer)
15 working days
12 working days
Waiver of Foreign Worker Levy (Business Employer) 15 working days 12 working days
Waiver of Foreign Worker Levy (Domestic Employer) 15 working days 10 working days

The processing time includes the time we need to validate the evidence/supporting documents to process the applications.

Your application will be processed within the service standards upon receipt of complete supporting documents.

Please note that the application for waiver of levy involving the current month can only be processed in the following month after the levy record for the current month is updated. For example, if you apply for a waiver involving levy for January, your application can only be processed in February.

 Last Updated on: Friday, September 26, 2014 at 5:45 PM
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