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When can my CPF investments be sold?
You can sell your investments one day after the purchase date provided:
Your stock broker has keyed the purchase trade on the day the purchase contract is made; and
You have sufficient investible funds in your CPF Investment and/or Ordinary Account to settle the purchase.

Making An Investment 

Are there any criteria I need to fulfil before I can use my CPF savings for investment?
How do I start?
How much can I take out from my CPF for investment and what can I invest in?
Do I have to incur any charges for CPFIS?
What do I need to do when I want to sell my investments?
What happens when I make profits? What happens when I make losses?
Do I need to pay taxes on profits made from my investments?

What about my investments when I reach 55 years old?
When can I withdraw my investments? What do I need to do?

What happens if I divorce?

What happens if I become a bankrupt?
Should I invest or should I not?
When I am no longer around
Moving forward
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