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My Cpf - Reaching 55
...Planning Your Golden Years

Want to better understand the CPF rules applicable to you when you reach 55? Attend our talks and read this publication.
You’re about to reach the CPF withdrawal age of 55 soon.
This is when you should consider some issues about your CPF savings - and make decisions which will affect you during your retirement years.
These include:
  • How much CPF can I withdraw at 55? Should I withdraw my savings or can I leave it with the Board to earn the CPF interest?
  • How much do I need to set aside for my CPF Minimum Sum and what is the monthly payout? Can I make cash and CPF top-ups to have more savings for my old age?
  • How can I join CPF LIFE so as to get a monthly income for life? Which CPF LIFE plan is suitable for me and how much would I get?
    Read on to find out some things you need to know before making any decision.

    How much can I withdraw?
    How much is the Minimum Sum?
    What can I do with the Minimum Sum?
    Minimum Sum Scheme
    Medisave Minimum Sum
    What if I continue working after 55?
    What about my housing loan?
    What about my investments?

    What happens if I divorce?

    What happens if I am a bankrupt?

    What if I am a pensioner?

    When I am no longer around

    Moving forward

    Relevant Applications for Reaching 55


    Reaching 55 
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