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Introduction to CPF e-Submission

CPF e-Submission is a free service provided by CPF Board where employers can submit your employees’ CPF contribution details and make payment electronically.
Why CPF e-Submission?

Employers are strongly encouraged to use CPF e-Submit@web to e-submit CPF contribution details and make payment via Direct Debit.


Why use Direct Debit?
  • Taking full control of your payment
    • Direct Debit deduction will only take place after submission of CPF contribution details. Furthermore, you can choose your preferred deduction date when you submit your CPF via CPF e-Submit@web!
  • Saves time and resources
    • Employers do not need to spend time writing cheques or queue at payment kiosks to make payments.
  • Open to all employers
    • Direct Debit can be used by all employers including those with few employees.

Hear what others have to say about CPF e-Submit!


"CPF e-Submit has always helped me greatly in submitting my employees' CPF contributions on time! 3 words - Easy, Reliable, Fuss-free!"

Mr Mohammad Fauzi Bin Kasmoh
Director, Prestige Employment Service


"At first, I thought e-submitting CPF contribution details would be difficult. After I tried it, I find that it is very easy and it ensures that I submit the correct amount on time."

Ms Selvarani RVP
Director, Ra Ra Logistics


"CPF e-Submit is easy and convenient to use, I will introduce it to my friends."

Stan Lee
Director, Cosmos Cuisine


 Last Updated on: Friday, September 26, 2014 at 5:26 PM
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