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CPF Education Scheme

1. About the CPF Education Scheme

The CPF Education Scheme is a loan scheme. The total amount withdrawn for tuition fees plus accrued interest has to be repaid in full with cash. Repayment will start one year after date of graduation or date of leaving the institution, whichever is earlier. Interest starts accruing from the day of withdrawal, and is pegged to the prevailing CPF Ordinary Account interest rate which is currently 2.5% pa.

As a student taking a full-time government subsidized course leading to a diploma or degree at an approved local tertiary institution, you may apply for a loan from your own or your parent’s CPF savings to pay your tuition fees.

Click here to know more about the CPF Education Scheme.

2. Application Procedure

Before you apply for CPF Education Scheme, please ensure that you have the following information ready:

  • Ensure you apply within the institution’s application open period.
  • Name of tertiary institution - must be under the CPF Education Scheme;
  • Whether you are a new (e.g. fresh intake for AY2010/2011) or existing student (e.g. 2nd year student) under the institution;
  • Your CPF account number or NRIC, telephone number and email address;
  • The CPF account number of the CPF member (whose CPF savings you are applying to use) under the Education Scheme;
  • The telephone number and email address of the CPF member;
  • The percentage of the tuition fees you are applying to pay using CPF money;
  • Ensure you and the CPF member each have your own SingPass and email account for online submission of the application.
    Please apply for SingPass at www.singpass.gov.sg if you do not have a SingPass.
      Online Application to use CPF for Education
    1. Submit an online application to use your own or your parent’s CPF for education with your SingPass. Application must be completed by the student himself and not by the parent.
    2. An email with an URL will be sent within 2 days to the CPF member’s e-mail address provided in your application form*.
    3. The *CPF member must log in using the member’s own SingPass within 14 days from the date of the application, to agree to the use of his CPF savings. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.
    * Email will only be sent to the CPF member indicated on your online application form. You will not receive the email if you are applying to use your own CPF savings.
      To apply to use the CPF Education Scheme, please click here.
      To view FAQs on online applications, please click here.

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