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Other CPF Schemes & Services

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Schemes & Services
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Schemes and Services

Your Retirement Savings And Withdrawals

Your CPF is meant to help meet your basic needs in retirement. On your 55th birthday, we will create your Retirement Account and transfer some of your CPF savings from your Special and/or Ordinary Accounts into this account to form your retirement sum.

Your retirement sum will be used to buy a CPF LIFE annuity to receive lifelong monthly payouts from your payout eligibility age, which is currently at age 65.

Depending on your desired CPF LIFE monthly payout and your CPF balances, you can choose from a range of payout options that best suit your needs in retirement.

You can withdraw your CPF savings, after setting aside the Full Retirement Sum or Basic Retirement Sum with sufficient property charge/pledge and the current Medisave Minimum Sum.

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Meeting Your Healthcare Needs

Your monthly contributions to your Medisave Account help you build up savings for your healthcare needs. Medisave can be used to pay for your own or your dependant(s)' hospitalisation expenses. It can also be used for certain outpatient treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

You can also use your Medisave savings to pay the premiums for MediShield or private medical insurance plans under the Private Medical Insurance Scheme (PMIS). These are medical insurance schemes for you and your dependants. They help pay part of the expenses arising from the insured’s hospitalisations and certain outpatient treatments for serious illnesses at approved medical institutions. For older CPF members, there is ElderShield, an affordable severe disability insurance scheme that provides insurance coverage to those who require long-term care.

To help parents plan for their child's healthcare needs, the Government had announced in January 2013 under the Marriage and Parenthood Package, that it will open a CPF Medisave Account for a Singaporean child born on or after 26 August 2012 and deposit a grant of $3,000 in it.

To ensure that all Singaporeans have access to medical care, Medifund is available to help the poor and needy with their medical bills.

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Owning A Property

Your Ordinary Account savings can be used to buy a home under the CPF housing schemes. You can buy an HDB flat under the Public Housing Scheme, or a private property under the Private Properties Scheme. Your CPF savings can be used for full or part payment of the property, and to service the monthly housing payments. If you buy a flat under the Public Housing Scheme, you will need to be insured under the Home Protection Scheme.

If you already own a property (HDB flat or private property) bought with your CPF savings and wish to buy another property with CPF savings from 1 July 2006, you can use your Ordinary Account savings and Retirement Account savings above the Basic Retirement Sum to finance your next property purchase.

From 1 July 2006, the Board no longer approves application under the Non-Residential Properties Scheme (NRPS). If you are currently using CPF to service your non-residential properties, you will not be affected by the policy change.

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CPF Insurance To Protect You And Your Family

The Dependants' Protection Scheme helps you and your family to tide over the first few years in the event of an insured member's permanent incapacity or death.

For more details, please contact the appointed insurers. The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited or NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited.

The Home Protection Scheme protects you and your family from losing your home. This scheme is applicable to all CPF members who use their CPF savings to buy an HDB flat. Should the insured member become permanently incapacitated or die, the CPF Board will pay the outstanding housing loan based on the amount insured.

MediShield is a basic medical insurance scheme designed to help pay part of the expenses arising from the insured’s hospitalisations and certain outpatient treatments for serious illnesses at approved medical institutions. MediShield works most effectively for hospitalisations at B2/C class level at restructured hospitals. For older CPF members, there is ElderShield, an affordable severe disability insurance scheme that provides insurance coverage to those who require long-term care.

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Investing Your CPF

To enhance your retirement savings, you can invest your Ordinary and Special Accounts savings under the CPF Investment Schemes.

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Other Schemes & Services

Education Scheme

The Education Scheme is a loan scheme that allows you to use your CPF savings for full-time tertiary education in Singapore.

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Transfer Of CPF Savings From Ordinary Account To Special Account

If you are below 55 years old, you can transfer your Ordinary Account savings to your Special Account. However, the amount in your Special Account must not exceed the current Full Retirement Sum after the transfer. This will allow you to build up your retirement savings, and enjoy the higher interest rate of the Special Account at the same time.

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Your CPF nomination allows you to specify who to receive your CPF savings, and how much each nominee should receive, when you are no longer around.

You do not need to make a CPF nomination if you wish to distribute your CPF savings under the intestacy laws. Distribution under the intestacy laws ensures that your family members will receive your CPF savings. For example:

1) If you are single, your CPF savings will be divided equally between your parents.

2) If you are married with children, half of your CPF savings will be given to your spouse, and the remaining half divided equally among your children.

For Muslims, your CPF savings will be distributed by the Public Trustee according to the Inheritance Certificate, which your family members can obtain from the Syariah Court (Muslim inheritance law).

If you wish to distribute your CPF savings differently from the intestacy laws/Muslim inheritance law, you will need to make a CPF nomination.

If you do wish to nominate, please note that:

1) A marriage will automatically revoke an earlier nomination, if any.

2) A divorce does not revoke an earlier nomination, if any.

3) A will does not supersede an earlier nomination, if any.

4) If your nominee is below the age of 18 years old at the time your CPF savings are paid out, his/her share will be forwarded to the Public Trustee for administration until he/she reaches 18 years of age.

5) If any of your nominees is an undischarged bankrupt at the time your CPF savings are paid out, the Board will be legally obliged to inform the Official Assignee (OA) of any assets that are due to him as his estate is vested in the OA by virtue of the laws in Singapore relating to bankruptcy.

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CPF Statement of Account

You can check your CPF Statement any time by logging in to the CPF website with your SingPass. With My Statement, you can get an overview of your CPF account balances as well as view your transaction and contribution histories.

We will also post you your CPF Statement every February. These are for transactions made in the 12-month period from January to December. The Statement will be sent in the beginning of the following year, e.g. the statement for 2005 will be sent out in early 2006. If you do not want to receive the hard copy statement, please opt not to do so using My Requests under my cpf Online Services. You can login to check your online CPF statement instead, and you won't have to worry about losing your statement in the mail.

If you find any of the particulars or figures in your CPF statement to be incorrect, please inform the Board immediately.

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Feedback On Non Or Under-payment Of CPF

Is your employer not paying your CPF, or under-paying you? If the answer is yes, tell us. The CPF Board will help you to recover the CPF that is due to you. You can inform us through our online service, and our officers will follow-up with you.

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Distribution Of CPF Savings Upon Death

Find out how your loved one's CPF savings will be paid out when he or she is no longer around.

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Supplementary Retirement Scheme

The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) is part of the Government's multi-pronged strategy to address the financial needs of a greying population. It is a voluntary scheme that complements the CPF. Participants can contribute a varying amount to SRS (subject to a cap) at their own discretion. The contributions may be used to purchase various investment instruments. The SRS offers attractive tax benefits. Contributions to SRS are eligible for tax relief, investment returns are accumulated tax-free (with the exception of Singapore dividends), and only 50% of the withdrawals from SRS are taxable at retirement.

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Electronic Services

Use CPF e-services for greater convenience and accessibility to CPF information and services.

CPF Website

The CPF website gives you quick access to information on CPF schemes and services, and the latest CPF news.

my cpf Online Services is a series of personalised online services available at the CPF website to help you manage your CPF savings better. With these online services, you can check your CPF balances, transact with us, check the status of your online applications and receive personalised messages. You only need your CPF account number and Singapore Personal Access (SingPass) to enjoy the convenience of all these online services.

AXS Stations

CPF members can now transact with the Board at more than 500 AXS Stations located island-wide. Click here to find out more.

Self-service Automated Machine (S.A.M)

CPF members can now enjoy the convenience of making selected CPF payment services at the 300 S.A.Ms located island-wide. Click here to find out more.

Mobile Services

For the convenience of CPF members on the go, the Board has introduced some mobile services that enable CPF members to transact with the Board using their mobile phones.

CPF Tools

CPF Tools allows you to calculate the CPF contributions payable for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents and access these online statements using your SingPass:

  • My Account Balance
  • My Contribution History
  • My Property
  • My Investment
  • My Medisave for Outpatient Chronic Disease, MRI/CT Scans and Diagnostics
  • My Messages

    Click here to find out more.


    You can sign up for free CPF SMS alerts via the CPF website. Login to my cpf Online Services – "My Alerts". Click here to find out more.

    Voluntary CPF Contributions

    You can make voluntary contributions to build up your retirement savings. These contributions can also be used for your housing and healthcare needs.

    You can make a voluntary contribution either to (i) all your 3 CPF Accounts (non-tax deductible); or (ii) to your Medisave Account only (tax deductible).

    Voluntary contributions to all 3 accounts are subject to the CPF Annual Limit.

    The maximum amount of voluntary contribution to Medisave Account is subject to the lower of the following:


    CPF Annual Limit less mandatory contributions and voluntary contributions made for the calendar year; or

    b) Prevailing Medisave Contribution Ceiling (MCC) less the balance in Medisave Account.

    Any excess voluntary contribution will be refunded without interest.

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