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More Compliments From You

Through the compliments we have received from you, it is gratifying to know that you are happy with our service. Thank you for the compliments, which spur us to continually improve on our services to you.

We value your compliments and feedback to help us improve our service.
Give us a compliment or feedback for improvement!

"The speed of the website has improved tremendously as compared to the past. This really enhances the time I spent at the CPF website. Keep up the good work! :)"
- Shu Qin
"Easy and friendly."
- Raihana Bte M Ali
"Maurice answered my email professionally and provided the information in detail. Very professional and concise. Another staff, Cynthia took the extra mile to call me back and correct what she initially advised me which I find already rare for customer service professionals nowadays. Very professional and accommodating. They're both an asset. Thank you."
- Punzalan
"Easy and convenient."
- Koh Joo Hong
"It was a pleasure to interact with the CPF Board and a fantastic example of how government can be customer centric."
- Itty
"Excellent and quick response from your service centre staff. He is helpful. Well done."
- Chook
"I am very happy with his service, a very good job! Fast service and detailed information was given! Thank you again Maurice!"
- Michelle
"This response is prompt, clear, and detailed."
- Leong
"Prompt replies, clear and helpful."
- Hu
"Mrs Marajas provided me with excellent, accurate and timely advice which was greatly appreciated. A courteous and very professional person. Thank you."
- Maginnis
"Felt impressed with the unexpected prompt reply and straight forward solution given. Thanks."
- Joelle Chan
"Your customer service officer, Mr Kirk Tan, is a very patient, helpful officer and he went the extra mile to provide me with all the answers even though I can channel my queries through your website. An excellent customer service officer CPF should be proud of."
- Chew Thian Beng
"Thanks a lot to Mr Maurice Su and Ms Yvonne Lim for their precious time and effort on handling member's account. Once again, my family and I indeed appreciate them for their kind understanding and support. Thank you with full respect."
-Ng Buie Min
"Great experience! Well done!"
-Lim Joo Suan
"Very useful info about my lifetime savings."
- Sivasayan
"I waited for a while before an officer came on line. She was absolutely helpful and patient. I forgot to ask for her name but the manner she handled my inquiries was exemplary."
- Lim Kim Lye
"I wish to convey my sincere thanks to Ms Karen Ho for her assistance and patience in providing me with answers to several of my queries. Her explanations were clear and have clarified my concerns. She was timely and professional in all her replies and I have only the highest compliments for her and for the service she has rendered me."
- Wong Phoong-Yee Brendan
"I was provided with a prompt reply to my query, very helpful staff, responsive and polite."
- Suminder Khara
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to access and clear guided instruction."
- Jennifer Tan
"I am very satisfied with the CPF online services. It's easy and very convenient."
- Joel S. Miranda
"(my cpf Online Services) Satisfied."
- Vijayakumar
"I am satisfied with the service provided."
- Lee Kim Hong
"You are doing a good job, keep it up."
- P.Yoganathan
"Ms Shelly Tan was very prompt and most helpful in my recent query. It was easy following her clear and precise instruction. She is certainly an asset to the Board!"
- Veronica Beh
"(my cpf Online Services) It's easy to use and I am able to find what I need to find."
- Jolyn Chan
"Good and prompt response. Easy to use online which requires only the needed documents. Very helpful."
- Shyam
"(my cpf Online Services) It is extremely friendly and certainly give a thumbs up."
- Yeo Li Noi
"It is easy to use and simple when I use my cpf Online Services."
- Shaik Dawood Mohamed Rabeek
"The feeling of knowing someone on the other end of the line who can assist you with your needs is good enough for me to write and say a BIG THANK YOU! Having worked and lived abroad in both developed and developing countries, it's a pleasure to be home in Singapore. Thank you Christine, for your sincere assistance over the phone. It's something you'd do daily but it means a lot to the customer."
- Ho Tip Yee
"(my cpf Online Services) All good."
- Suhaimi Bin Mohmad Arifin
"Everything I need to know is in here. Accurate, appropriate, convenient and user-friendly."
- Nelia Pat
"Very prompt and clear reply to enquiry made. There is great improvement in email response."
- Rosaline Ng
"(my cpf Online Services) Perfect."
- Sujata
"Your online services was very useful even when using on my handphone. Keep it up."
- Tan Hock Lye
"The lady staff was very good in service. Thank you very much."
- Lim Yaw Fook
"Ms Koh Li Yan has been most helpful and patient in guiding me through all the steps to do my transaction. Good to have personnel like her around so I don't have to queue."
- Lam Lai Ore
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good layout and easy to browse."
- Pham Thi Thanh Thuy
"I would not have been able to navigate my way to the correct section without the excellent help of the officer advising me, Mr Vincent Goh."
- Wendy Ang
"Keep up the good work!"
- Wanna
"Excellent services! Cannot ask for more!"
- Sia Buck Nun
"(my cpf Online Services) I find it very convenient and easy to use. Keep up the good work."
- Lazar Michael
"(my cpf Online Servies) It is very user-friendly and I have no problem in using the site. All you need to do is read and click. That is simple! Wonderful!"
- Lu King Seng
"I submitted an online survey on 22 April 2014 as I could not carry out my intended transfer activity. Mr Eugene Pan replied on 25 April 2014. Thank you for the prompt reply. It was fast, clear and professional. My appreciation to Eugene Pan and CPF Board. You live up to SG reputation of being efficient."
- Paul Yeh
"(my cpf Online Servies) EASY - that is the keyword!"
-Heng Guan Hou
"(my cpf Online Servies) Simple display. I can understand the choice for selection easily. No comment at this moment. Great job."
-Tan Yew Peng
"(my cpf Online Servies) Easy to use and easy to understand. Information is very useful. Good job."
- Looi Ricky
"Evangeline was pleasant, friendly and shown patience in answering all our queries."
- Loh Meng Lai
"I appreciate Eugene Pan's prompt response to my queries regarding my CPF withdrawal. He was very precise and clear in his response to my queries. I certainly hope that CPF Board will continue to maintain this high standard of performance to all customers' inquiries. Thank you."
- Lee Kin Kham
"Service has improved as compared to a couple years ago. Friendly and willingness to assist. Keep it up!"
- Tan Kim Seng Crispian
"Yvonne managed to provide me with the answer that I have been seeking and in a timely manner. Thank you and much appreciated."
- Tina Lim Siew Tin
"Very detailed explanations and the explanations are easy to follow and no complication experienced. The step by step instruction is especially important to me. I am not an IT savvy person. I work in an area that does not require the use of computer constantly. I really appreciate the time and effort put in to provide such a holistic solution to my inquiry. I do not foresee any problem to arise. Thank you for providing the very satisfactory service and help. It has benefited us and we look forward to being served by Ms Yvonne Lim again. With Ms Yvonne Lim, we can put our trust in CPF Board without hesitation, now and the future. We know we are in good hands and with people who cares. With limited funds in the CPF, we are very glad to have the correct people to manage it and grow. Ultimately in the very near future when we become the elderly, the fund can see us through our sunset years. Thank You Yvonne and all in CPF Board."
- Chong Fung Fong
"Your service is excellent. All my questions were answered promptly and in detail via email. Very helpful as I live overseas and needed advice on CPF matters. Thank you very much!"
- Victoria Rani De Keizer
"The responding staff is very responsible. She placed my queries at priority level. This gives me the best experience when dealing with CPF. Thank You CPF Board."
- Mahendren Tambi Kechik
"I am indeed glad and fully satisfied with the assistance provided by Ms Yvonne Lim. She answered exactly to all my questions. Thanks a lot for her excellent performance. Thanks CPF Board for providing this convenient platform. Thanks to the lady staff at CPF Jurong East branch counter who put in a lot of effort in serving me on queries and application submission."
- Ng Buie Min
"Your staff's reply is very detailed and easy to understand. Those links given are really helpful. Now i know how and where to get my CPF done. Thanks again for a good job."
- Lim Tow Yong
"Exceptional service, prompt engagement and professionalism were the highlights of my experience with the CPF Board. At no point was I kept in the dark of what was going on. In fact, when the documentation was insufficient, CPF Board reminded me politely about what was needed and helped me through the entire process. I sincerely thank Ms Lim and congratulate her on a job very well done."
- Prabin Sarada Boaz
"I received prompt reply from CPF on my query. They provided me with the link for me to understand better. Service provided by CPF is wonderful. I am happy with the clarity in their reply. Thank you."
- Mahendran
"Prompt and efficient service. Staff has a high sense of responsibility. Great!"
- Rosaline Ng
"Excellent user interface. Don't have to puzzle over what to do next or what input is required."
- Choo Hock Lye
"(my cpf Online Services) It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate."
- Rayel Carmen Ruth
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very user-friendly."
- Wilson Kan
"This is the simplest form of online services and transaction that I have ever used. It was very convenient and fast. Awesome."
- Sara
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use and useful information have been made available."
- Jessie Chong
"Nice changes. Very easy to use! Brilliant job! Thank you!"
- Peter Matus
"(my cpf Online Services) So far so good. Keep it up. Very satisfied."
- Judy Tan
"Easy and user-friendly website."
- Tan Poh Fay Joseph
"(my cpf Online Services) Ease of use. Nice!"
- Mohamad Fairoze Bin Mohd Aisa
"Nice experience from CPF officers on my claims."
- Kwok Chee Weng
"Ms Georgina Alini always provides prompt and accurate information for the enquiries posted. Thank you for the excellent service, CPF Board!"
- Abdul Lathhef Sathar Anees Abdul Jabhar
"CPFB provided a prompt interim reply and afterwards, a prompt final reply. Excellent on punctuality. Explanation is precise and clear."
- Raisayani
"Maurice is efficient and responsible in providing the status updates when I made the second call."
- Lim Tian Chiew
"Mr Maurice Su promptly replied to my queries. I am very satisfied and he clearly answered my queries. Good job Mr Maurice Su."
- Estabillo
"The reply given by Ms Gnaniah on my query was fast, clear and precise. Appreciate such high standard of services rendered by Ms Gnaniah and CPF Board as a whole."
- Vincent Tan
"Your staff was so detailed and explained very clearly with links for follow up action as well. Best and so prompt."
- Koh Geok Khing
"My CPF matters were replied promptly by Mr Maurice within a short period and the follow up was very good. Not many government Customer Service is very prompt in replying matters that needs immediate reply and follow up, so well done Maurice. You have done well. Thank you and I'll speak to you soon on the follow up matter."
- Jeffri Bin Ahamad
"Right from the day one when I started dealing with CPF, I got very good response, quick service and support from CPF team. I thank and appreciate the management and staff for their quick and kind support."
- Abdul Sickander Salim Sait
"CPF replied immediately to my enquiry and responded accordingly as stated. Thank you. Services provided there are excellent."
- Chew Sheong Yoke
"The response was quick and when I had questions on the reply, your staff attended to me very fast. I feel that this is a high value-add as it is important that enquiries are followed-up fast."
- Anonymous
"Kudos to Ms Penny Peng for her excellent customer service despite the long waiting time! Her explanation was not only in depth but precise. An exemplary role model for others to follow. Thumbs up for Ms Penny Peng!"
- Muhammad Fauzi Bin Abdul Aziz
"Thank you Ms Ong Bee Lian. Many thanks for her kind help to ensure that my request went through smoothly."
- Quek Hui Leng
"(my cpf Online Services) Very fast and easy to access."
- Judith Lopez
"CPF calculator is a really helpful tool. We appreciate your officer's prompt reply to our question."
- Nicole Lim
"I like the fact that the private and confidential letters are online and not by post."
- June Goh
"(my cpf Online Services) Informative and easy to use. Very good!!!"
- Jafry Bin Rubaii
"One stop service to all. Very great website, country and leadership."
- Sanjay
"CPF, IRAS and ICA Immigration - three of the best and most friendly agencies from the government sector - easy to login and really cool. Thank you."
- Georgina Lee Ooh Yuen
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to find at any time of the day."
"I take this opportunity to thank CPF Board in providing such expeditious service - sometimes the information on the web does not provide clarity. An exchange over phone/email provides the desired comfort level and therefore I have rated the service as very satisfied."
"The response was quick and information given is very useful & complete. This type of customer service / relationship should also be maintained by other government organizations."
- Umashankar
"Three cheers to CPF board. Everytime I contact the board, I'd receive precise information that helped me make decisions in the right way. No ambiguity. Really happy. Thank you so much."
- Prashanth
"Your staff email reply was swift, precise and comprehensive. Rarely see this quality from a government entity anywhere in the world! Great job and it is obvious that she takes pride in what she does."
- Urs Brutsch
"All my queries and apprehensions were addressed promptly and in full. Your concern for CPF members was very evident and I can say without hesitation that your response was friendly, prompt and professional. Please keep up the good work!"
- Vaze Sanjeev
"Excellent service in general by CPF and in particular by Mr Maurice Su. Also there are two others that I contacted and both of them were simply professional and customer oriented (Adeline Lee & Andrew Ong). Overall CPF Board is simply fantastic in taking care of customer needs. It's 7-star service."
- Athukuri Sudarshan
"Ms Jenny Tan was polite & detailed during her course of finding more info from me. The issue brought up was rectified unexpectedly fast. Very efficient."
- Looi Lay Leng
"CPF Online Services are reliable, fair and valid."
- Lim Chee Hus
"The online services are user-friendly and the information and listing provided are comprehensive and clear. Thanks for the convenience."
- Kathleen Tan
"The 15-month history record is great especially when it comes to income tax payment time. Very handy for us to retrieve records for the whole year. Well done. GREAT JOB."
- Tan Teck Hong
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
- Royston Yeo
"The site is simple to use and it is easy to navigate around."
- Gerard Sonico
"We are very pleased with the customer centric approach and assistance by Ms Nurul Faezzah. She has been very helpful."
- Wolero Pte. Ltd.
"I would like to compliment Ms Chua Shirley for being truly professional. She was very helpful in providing the information I have requested and exhibited good patience when I had difficulty phrasing my questions. An excellent staff you have in your organisation with good customer service which is rare nowadays. "
- Lee Kok Keng
"(my cpf Online Services) WOW it's very easy."
- Refai
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good! Keep it up!"
- Lee Tat Meng
"The best government website I have used so far!!"
- Hashim
"Staff here are really helpful and friendly, really appreciate them."
- Wong Weiling
"Ms Violet Lim has been most helpful and patiently explained and answered all my enquiries on CPF Life and CP Investment Account. A valuable asset for CPF."
- Lilan Liu
"The online services are quite straight forward. I can get all the information I need easily . Thanks for building such good e-Services!"
- Hu Zhi
"CPF Board is very well run by active staff with help at their fingertips. They are polite and straight to the point."
- Gracey Vincent
"I am very happy and satisfied with the prompt actions of the officers in CPF Board. Very helpful staff and very defined set of processes which will help every CPF member."
- Gairik
"The website and response to my questions were precise and timely. I was able to update my status and company renewal without stepping out of my office or home. It is so convenient and exact."
- Shirish Balekundri
"I am pleasantly surprised at the speed of response to my query and he provided me with relevant details. The efficiency is really commendable. Thanks."
- Chong
"Please put on record the excellent service my husband and I got from Mr Bernard Chew when we visited your Service Centre to enquire on our CPF matters. We made an online appointment and were promptly served within 5 minutes of our arrival. Mr Bernard was very pleasant, polite and patient. He had also clarified our queries. Everything was done in under 10 minutes. It was a most pleasant experience. Our thanks to Bernard and all the very best to all."
- Sobrielo Maria Nee Cheow Keok Eng
"I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Dennis Gwee. He was god sent to me, patiently assisted me with my application and called back to make sure everything is in order! He is wonderful and totally commendable! Thank you Dennis for your help in handling my case!"
- Priyadharshini D/O Chada Goban
"I would like to compliment Ms Lily Ng for her dedication in her work. She is very pleasant and ever ready to assist callers. Her readiness to assist is very commendable especially handling high volume of calls is never easy but she is a good role model for us all. :)"
- Lim Nian Hwa Florine
"I wish to compliment Ms Jennifer Kwee, who attended to me and my wife during our e-appointment yesterday at the Service Centre. Ms Kwee showed her professional knowledge and patiently attended to our CPF queries. She is also most friendly and courteous during our discussion session with her, at the end of which we felt bad, the appointment had stretched beyond her office hour past 6 pm. Thank you Ms Kwee, keep up the good work!"
- Chua Hong Tong
"(my cpf Online Services) It's simply wonderful."
- Wong Kuen
"Our government has made it easy to use the online system anywhere conveniently in Singapore. Thank you CPF Board for such service."
- Cecilia Kolandasamy
"I am totally satisfied with your online service as it is convenient and easy to access. We look forward to more high technology improvement in future generation. Thanks."
- Joel S. Miranda
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very useful."
- Haji Jasmani Abdul Murad
"Ms Karen Ho is an efficient and effective consultant. Will recommend her strongly."
-Chiang Koon Leong
"Very prompt response. Cleared my doubt completely. Excellent service standard."
"The reply is straight and clear. It clears my doubt. Keep it up with the prompt and helpful service."
- Patrick Lim
"My sincere appreciation to Ms Ruth Gnaniah for offering prompt and courteous service. She is very helpful in clarifying my doubts. Thanks."
- M.S. Karvannan
"I wish to compliment Ms April Yong who handled my CPF enquiry. She was thorough and diligent in checking out the correct facts before advising me. She had demonstrated consideration and thoughtfulness from a customer's point of view by her questions to clarify before answering. Keep up the excellent attitude of service!"
- Aung Tiew Heng
"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Ms Penny Peng for her professionalism. She went the extra mile to assist us by checking thoroughly and to ensure accuracy of our CPF matters. Thank you to Penny for making it a wonderful experience."
- Lim Meng Huat, Daniel
"Interesting web functionality."
- Syed Muhd Ziad
"(my cpf Online Services) Very useful information about my CPF matters, workfare and this year's budget."
- Habibah Binte Abdul Rahman
"This online service is very useful and easy to understand. It gives me a lot of option to select. Thank you and excellent work."
- Looi Ricky
"(my cpf Online Services) I feel that it is easy to use. All information are there."
- Geetha Nambiar
"Your staff guided me to fill in the form while we are on the line. She was very cheerful, polite and patient which changed my impression of government agency. Please send my appreciation."
- Jiang
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple, easy and practical to use."
- Lye Derence
"(my cpf Online Services) Good to use."
- Hoo Fah Chong
"It is fantastic. I love coming to this site at least once a week and hope to be able to use it more often. You have a wonderful web designer, one of the best."
- Paul Lim
"I would like extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Soh Jie Ling for being ever so willing to aid and answer my phone calls whenever I had a query. She would always call back when I left a message and she is very prompt in her reply. The dedication and effort that she had put into her work is commendable. I really appreciate her efficiency and excellent service! She is indeed a true asset to CPF Board. Once again, thank you very much Jie Ling for all the help rendered."
- Reshpal Kaur
"Maurice Su-Bing Chong was precise, to the point, thorough and timely in his response."
- Viswanathan Vinod Kumar
"Simple, minimal navigation. Meet my needs within small minimal time frame."
- Tan Lay Choo
"(my cpf Online Services) It shows the ongoing effort of CPF staff in improving the system. Good. Keep it up."
- Anna Lim
"Very good service and on time reply by Ms Ruth. It meets my objective. Keep it up. Thank you Ms Ruth Gnanbiah."
- Lim Hong Keng
"I find it extremely easy to perform the necessary transaction (transferring of monies in OA to SA in my case). The website is informative with well-explained text and in layman language. Keep it up!"
- Lee Yoke Fun
"(my cpf Online Services) User-friendly even for those not very computer savvy. Thank you."
- Tan Chong Watt
"Had no clue at first in submitting the e-submission but Ms Tan guided me along. She has been extremely helpful and she sounds cheerful. Makes my Day! Thanks to Ms Tan. Cheers!"
- JuLynn
"It is the easiest and fastest way to check my CPF statement. Thank you. "
- Johan Bin Mohamed Taib
"(my cpf Online Services) I am able to check my accounts online. So far I do not see any room for improvement. I am totally satisfied. Keep up the good work."
- Francis Jeyaraje
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
- Ragunanthan
"Excellent service from a Customer Service representative who helps walk me through the site. Very friendly and patient with me. Thanks."
-Yeoh Lean Gaik
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to understand and very useful."
"Maurice Su Bing Chong is knowledgeable. He answers my queries and is quick in responding. CPF and its employees are excellent in providing customer service."
- Mr Sudarsanam
"(my cpf Online Services) I can view my statement easily even when I'm overseas."
- Oen Tien K
"Mr Maurice Su was very prompt, quick and detailed in his response to my queries. As always, Singapore and CPF Board service rocks!!!"
- Devaraj Jayachandran
"(my cpf Online Services) Happy"
- Jefry
"Thank you so much Mr Saed Abdillah for being patient, helpful and gentle throughout my entire enquiry. I am impressed by the service he has provided. He deserves a promotion and/or increment for his good performance. "
- Ms Lee Liling
"I am satisfied with Christine Ang's courteous service."
- Gian Bee Guek
"Kindly convey my most sincere thanks to Ms Sharon Ye for providing me a full picture of my enquiry. Ms Sharon has been extremely patient and accommodating when providing help to an elderly person desperately wanting to settle an issue. Many thanks Ms Sharon. Your kind handling of queries is much appreciated."
- Mr Chiam Siah Chiang
"(my cpf Online Services) All is perfect and outstanding."
- Ismail Bin Amat
"Ms Jacqueline Lee is prompt with her response and follows through effectively. She is both courteous and professional. I am fully satisfied with her support."
- Mr Tan Khin Nguan
"I like this my cpf Online Services. It is very convenient."
- Lee Nyon Leng
"Ms Lim replied me in detailed very quickly . Thank you very much, Ms Yvonne Lim. I can't help but tell my friends around how efficiently Singapore government works! I am proud of you."
- Ms Gao
"Mr Philip is proactive, helpful and follows up closely for my case. Well done guys."
- Mr Chan Pui Tak
"If there can be more staff like Maurice who tries his very best to understand the question before replying to member's enquiries, it will definitely help a lot. Overall great service, really appreciate that. Thank you."
- Ms Molly Chang
"Ms Moh, along with her other colleagues, have been responding to my questions on various topics regarding CPF and PR. They are professional, knowledgeable and quick in response."
- Mr Alvin Lo
"I am glad that checking CPF online has improved a lot. It is very good. Our government has done great work in this. Hooray Singapore. Thanks to all government staff who did a great job."
- Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple to use and very fast."
- Joel S. Miranda
"Professional and easy to navigate. Well thought in designing the website with the end user in mind."
- Safaruan Bin jamari
"Thank you for the hardworking counter staff at CPF Tampines Central. CPF trains well. Keep up the good work."
- George Tang
"(my cpf Online Services) It is simple and easy to check on the details that we need."
- Letchimadas
"I would like to thank Ms Jennifer Lee for her prompt reply and kind assistance. Indeed, I'm most impressed by the services provided by CPF Board which are always customer-centric. Great job!"
- Mr Clifford Lim Boon Huat
"I wish to express my sincere appreciation of the professional guidance provided to me by Mr Chng Guo Wei. He was truly patient and systematic in his instructions. Thank you very much."
- Ms Claire
"I would like to compliment Mr Lee Ming Jun for his excellent service when I called last week. Mr Lee took the initiatives to follow up on my enquiries and called me back the next day to further explain the outcome of my request. He had also guided me step-by-step on how I could get certain information online through the CPF website. Certainly a competent & efficient employee to have in any organization."
- Ms Sng Poh Lian Lillian
"Ms Chang Lai Heng understands and serves stressful Singaporeans like me with an open heart and mind. She is very helpful and a great staff to CPF Board. The Board should be proud of Ms Chang. Thanks a million."
-Mr Tan Wing Soon
"I appreciate and was impressed by the quick and helpful response of Ms Nurulkamaria Binte Ismail. It was clear that she took the time to thoroughly look over my questions, and the personalized response was very helpful."
- Mr Kavi Ohri
"(my cpf Online Services) Well done."
- Rajarathnam
"Mr Bryan Tsung is a friendly and knowledgeable person. Although we came slightly after the closing hours, he stayed back to answer all of our questions. He was very patient too. This service is beyond our expectation. Keep up the good work, Bryan. All the best to your future in CPF."
- Mdm Tan Luang Hwee Olive
"Yvonne was very forthcoming and cheerful at all times. It was obvious from the tone of her voice that she was indeed passionate about her job and genuinely helpful! She's an asset to CPF! "
- Mr Abdul Razak
"CPF website is great and easy to access. I understand all the information I need. The design is good too. Green stands for save the earth. I am proud to be a singaporean that I have this account to save my money for my retirement plannning. Thank you CPF and my Government."
- Lim Ai Geok
"(my cpf Online Services) Very easy to access and shows all the details that I want to see. Information is also up to date and there is no difficulity to understand it. Impressive. Cheers!"
- Raymond Lee Say Hean
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use and is straight forward. What we want are all there. We just need to key in what we want. Simple."
- Safarudin Hass
"Simply a joy to use your site!"
- Goh Eak Peng
"CPF website is utterly stable and informative. Keep it up!"
- Adrian Zara
"Though I waited for almost 45 minutes to get in touch with an officer, I was pleasantly surprised by the service rendered by Ms Carmen Lim. Truly appreciate her prompt service. She got back to me even after the required service was processed."
- Mr Mohamed Faizal S/O Nazumudin
"Thank you Ms Neo Hui Fen for your immediate attention and expeditious reply to my request. I am very grateful and pleasantly surprised with such personal attention."
- Mdm Merri Quek
"Ms Stacey Soh was not just patient, polite and efficient, she also anticipated some of our questions and issues, and proactively offered to help. We were late and nothing in Stacey's demeanour conveyed that she wanted to finish up and go home as soon as possible. We had such a pleasant experience. My parents reminded me to write a letter of compliment. Thank you for the good work the Board is doing!"
- Ms Lee Sing Ai
"Excellent, user-friendly and detailed website. The newsletters sent are very helpful. I must admit on few occasions, I had to visit CPF Service Centre and staff at the Service Centre are very polite and extremly helpful. They are role models for Singapore and the efficiency they bring makes citizens life easier. Appriciate all the hard work and planning to make this happen. Thank you CPF Team."
- Vinekar Shantanu Gajanan
"As Senior Citizens, we still need guidance from your staff. Credit to your staff who is patient to guide me all the way till the end of my submission online."
- Aminah Bte Salamon
"The web site in total is very well presented and simple to navigate around. The information requested is immediately given without delays, hang-ups and other problems that so many web sites have. From login to logout, I find that this is one of the best sources of information that I have ever used and wish that the 'others' would take a look at this for their own benefits in 'how to develop and present' a website. Brilliant. Thank you."
- Michael Burke
"Ms Nurulkamaria Binte Ismail had responded promptly with sufficient information to help direct the customer to a better understanding of various policies. Her reply showed a sense of sincerity in helping the customer; by provision of information and other ways of seeking clarifications."
- Tan Jian Wei, Russell
"Mr Matthew Lim is friendly & helpful. He responded to my request efficiently and swiftly. Matthew is also customer oriented and I am very happy and satisfied with the overall service provided by him."
- Tan Gek Tiang
"Ms Janet Chin is really knowledgable and provided the assistance I needed in a very prompt and polite manner. It was great pleasure to be served by her."
- Chan Ming-Ming Miranda
"I was attended by Mr Jake Ng who proved to be very patient and helpful. He managed to solve all my tough problems. Kindly share this compliment email and make him a good example to all."
- Chan Wai Leong, Adrian
"I would like to take this opportunity to commend Ms Pesslio Chua for her level of professionalism and support, not to mention exquisite telephone manners. I very much appreciated the time she took to explain and guide me step by step for procedures that I am not accustomed to. I feel that showing appreciation is in order."
- Olivier Benoist
"I really appreciate Ms Karen Ho for her effort by responding to all my questions. She is a very responsible staff, and this also apply to other staff that had previously responded to my enquiries. Once again, thanks for all the support that the staff of CPF had given to me."
- Ho Wai Mun
"She replied promptly and showed great patience which is very much appreciated. Excellent service."
- Sharon Tan Siok Choo
"She did a good job and she explains very clearly and in detail. I hope that there is more staff like her in the front line."
- Wong Weng Wah
"Thanks to Mr Maurice Su for his valuable guidance and quick reply. I appreciate him for his excellent service. Also thanks to CPF Board for providing us with a convenient outstanding internet platform."
- Ng Buie Min
"Precise reply with direct information and even answered some of my follow up questions before enquiry. Very professional and accurate."
- Mohammed Khaidzir Bin Kamarrullah
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good service and it is more secure."
- Philip Mya Maung
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent."
"(my cpf Online Services) Everything is good! :)"
- Kevin Chin
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very easy to use and very very helpful."
- Sapiya Bibee
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to navigate and has the relevant infomation."
- Marlon C Conceicao
"(my cpf Online Services) It's so simple to access to the link which I need. Thanks."
- Jeanne Tan
"Mr Andrew Seah was professional and gave me good advice and directions regarding my problem."
- Mr Lim Tiong Tat
"Ms Alice Chen took the extra step to check with the other departments to ensure that all my queries are answered. Also, she had made effort to explain the various policies to me. I appreciate her assistance and would like to compliment her for her excellent service."
- Mr Chen Zhao Guang
"(my cpf Online Services) Good information, easy and friendly."
- Rajarathnam Ramasamy
"I wish to commend Ms Celine Leow who personally called me, walked me through my CPF transaction and even highlighted the use of the CPF tools which made my calculation a breeze. I am very impressed with such patience and prompt service from CPF staff."
- Ms Julie Kuah
"(my cpf Online Services) User-friendly."
- Rahman Bin Ahmad
"I am really satisfied with Ms Nurulkamaria Binte Ismail. She did her best to resolve my problem as I’m based overseas. Really thankful to have such service provided. Continue with your great service to help everyone out there!"
- Ms Alicia Ng Yu Jing
"(my cpf Online Services) Very easy to use."
- Yow Kar Woh
"Mr Maurice Su has been very prompt with his replies to my enquiries with professionalism and courtesy. "
- Mr Lim Chin Ming
"(my cpf Online Services) User-friendly and no difficulty in using this system."
- Iskjandar
"Ms Karen Ho’s response was very fast and detail. I really appreciate her effort by responding to all my questions. She is a very responsible staff, and this also apply to other staff that had previously responded to my enquiries. Once, again thanks for all the support that the staff of CPF had given to me."
- Mr Ho Wai Mun
"Ms Jaslyn Ewe answered and act on our request promptly. Excellent service. Best government service experienced. Other bodies should learn from CPF."
- Mr Raymond Seah
"Thorough, prompt and professional service."
- Mr Vinod Kumar
"Ms Sharon was very patient and guided me to update and apply the required as per my needs."
- Shah
"Jolene Fong provided excellent assistance over the phone. She was patient and systematic. Well done young lady."
- Khoo Saw Yong
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use."
- Ching Hem Keong
"Prompt and very clear advice given. Definitely better than expected service level!"
- Ms Lee Jing Ying
"Website is significantly faster nowadays. I can retrieve my information easily. It is very fast. Keep it up!"
- Gek Ai
"I would like to feedback that overall the website look simple to use and it is user-friendly. It is easy to find information that I need in a few clicks. It is very good now."
- Derrick
"(my cpf Online Services) It is user-friendly and it saves my time to travel to Service Centres to process my application. I will encourage my relatives and friends to go via the online platform."
- Leou Chew Shim
"I received an excellent and timely response to my query. Thank you for the excellent service."
- Roy
"Maurice Su was very detailed and thorough in his two email replies dated 24 and 30 Dec 2013. He spoke with conviction and assurance. Great qualities to possess when your customer is in need of advice and help!"
- Tan
"That reply was so fast. The email was fully understood and straight forward. Relevant documents were attached with right direction for my action. In my opinion, you are better than the private corporations in this matter."
- Abdul Salam
"I just wished my other service providers were as professional and service-oriented as CPF Board."
- Andreas
"The response time for you to get back to me was supposed to be 2 working days, but I got the response within 1 working day! I couldn't ask for more! The answers given to my queries were also very precised. Keep up with the good work, Maurice."
- Koit
"Mr William Yeo was very polite and understanding. He was never agitated by my repeated calls. He handled my challenge in a very professional and empathetic manner. Thank you."
- Pereira Johnharry Sebastian
"Very efficient and prompt service and offered other solutions even though he could not help me directly. Thank you."
- Dragon Christina Anne
"I would like to send my heartfelt appreciation to Ms Florence Chen. She had been very patient in offering me the assistance for my CPF matters. I must say she is really responsive and efficient. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work!"
- Lee
"Mr Flannery Tay had answered our queries fully and professionally. We sincerely appreciate his patience, courtesy and caring manners. His attitude is exemplary and reflects a good image of CPF. We wish him success in his career."
- Narang Ravinder Pal Singh
"Your staff is very efficient and professional. Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to him. Thank you very much."
- Diana Bee Wah West
"Your staff is very patient and helpful. I am grateful for her understanding. Thank you CPF."
- Lim Miew Ying
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Goh Junwen for his great help on my case. Thank you Mr Goh for your very efficient service. Keep it up!"
- Lee Soon Kiang
"I would like to give my compliment to Ms Khairunnisa Binte Jumali for her excellent customer service. It was an excellent customer service experience. Ms Khairunnisa is understanding and patient when assisting me with my enquiries. It was truly a commendable performance and effort from Ms Khairunnisa and I appreciate her effort. Please keep up the good work and I am sure she will be doing well in her days with CPF Board."
- Mr Koh
"Mr Elson Soo has a very happy personality and is friendly. His patience knows no limits and he is also very knowledgeable on CPF matters. We would like to commend him for a job well done. Elson is an asset to the public service and to the general public."
- Ho See Tiang
"Mr Matthew Aw is a very helpful, friendly and courteous officer. He attends to the queue promptly. He went beyond the call of duty to carry my umbrella and bag to my seat as I am old. Well done CPF! Please keep up the good work."
- Chia See Thian
"Ms Huang has consistently attended to my numerous queries. She was professional in her response. She is responsible and this is important especially when I am dealing with my CPF matters overseas."
- Lee Fong Fang
"Ms Yvonne Lim addressed to my situation and was very detailed in her explanation. I really thank her for being so patient. The reply of her email was proficient. Many thanks."
- Koh Mui Lee Doris
"I received very prompt reply although timeline stated within two working days. A good detailed information was provided."
- Regina Lim
"I have nothing to say except to salute Mr Bryon Kok for the good service. I am 100% satisfied and happy. Once again, thank you very much. Keep it up."
- Rita Fe Malusay
"Your Customer Service Executive was polite and firm. He took the trouble to explain to me what he wanted and thus we were able to produce all the information needed without taking too much time. This also reduced the time bouncing back and forth between our office and CPF Board."
- Ian Ong
"Ms Shakira Bhanu was very patient, try to understand my questions, clarify and paraphrase when needed, and answers them very well. She sounded lively and jovial throughout the conversation though I thought I was testing her patience occasionally by repeating questions for which she might have already addressed."
- Tan Gek Yin Jimmy
"Excellent and prompt service provided by Mr Byron Kok. He was very clear in his email and willing to provide details to my query. I really appreciate his effort and dedication. Many thanks."
- Joanna Xu
"I came to CPF not knowing how to complete my transaction. Mr Joseph Tay heard me and came forward to help me with my enquiry. I can sleep peacefully now. The atmosphere is good and the people at CPF Board are friendly, diligent and dedicated."
- Kollengode Venkatachalam Krishnan
"Mr Jack Lim is a very helpful, friendly and courteous officer. Although my application was submitted without all the necessary documents, he did not reject my application outright. Instead, he managed to help me submit my application successfully. Well done! Keep it up! I am very pleased to be served by Mr Jack Lim."
- Chia See Thian
"Mr Kenneth Cheak was professional in his approach. He is knowledgeable and provides clear advices to our doubts instantly. We are grateful to him."
- Mohd Farook
"I am very much appreciative of Ms Carmen Lim in helping me to solve my CPF issues promptly.Thank you Ms Carmen Lim for your help!"
- Chong Bee San
"I would like to express my gratitude in the service that I received from Mr Ven Chng. He has been meticulous and very much concerned about my needs. He is kind and polite. Thank you Mr Ven Chng for your patience."
- Hamzah Bin Ahmad
"I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Ms Soh Jie Ling for being so helpful. The dedication and effort that she had put into her work is commendable. I really appreciate her efficiency and excellent service! Once again, I am grateful for her kind and superb performance."
- Tan Ai Hong
"Your customer service was outstanding and a great help to me. I felt very grateful. It is indeed a beacon service, many thanks."
- Patricia Mylan
"Yvonne Lim responded within 12 hours to my query. Her explanation was clear and concise. She should be viewed as a model CPF staff."
- Roy Varghese
"Ms Alini's reply was prompt and it also comes with detailed information and guidelines. So professional and perfect!"
- Tian
"I love it. It is easy to use! Best Government website!"
- Jimmy Low K S
"(my cpf Online Services) Very convenient."
- Jayver B. Domingo
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Ng Chee Hong Peter
"I would like to commend your staff Cecilia Ooi and Lee Suan for their good work attitude. Cecilia Ooi was very patient and friendly. She is extremely helpful and this has impressed me. CPF should be proud of her. Please convey my gratefulness to her. Well done! Lee Suan was also friendly. CPF Board has impressed me with the good service attitude of your staff. Well done!"
- Loy Chong Hwa
"My family and I are very much supportive of the user-friendliness of your online system. We trust CPF Board in guarding and managing our CPF funds. Thank you."
- Bahtiar Affendy Bin Padillah
"Your staff is very prompt. Very useful and detailed reply. Thumbs up."
- Lim Chee Koon, Shawn
"Well done CPF. You have lived up to your tagline "integrity, excellence, service"."
- Low Chem Poo
"Your staff response time was excellent and I got complete answers from her. I am a delighted customer. Well done."
- Sandeep Ganesh Kulkarni
"Ms Siti Hanim who attended to me was very co-operative and helpful. Well done!"
- Loh Chee Kok
"Mr Byron Kok is very patient and communicates effectively in proper English to ensure that I understand him. Obviously, he knows his work very well. He has a very professional attitude and provided service that exceeded my expectation. This is what I call good customer service which projects the image of the company."
- Lim Soo Eng
"Ms Chua Ai Ti was very cheerful and put me at ease with her natural charm and politeness. Her cheerful deposition was very comforting, a fine example of dedication to her work."
- Pereira Gerald Clement
"I would like to thank Jihan who was most helpful."
- Muralee
"The system is user-friendly and very easy to navigate."
- Quek Kiang Ngiak
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to move around."
- Tina Liza Tauro
"Ms Karen Huang provided information to me on the dot. Well done! Keep up the good customer service."
- Mohamed Rizvi Amath
"Ms Jenny Tan was very prompt in her response to emails and matters. She always ensured that she would drop an email to me if she could not get in touch with me. She saw through the matters and gave appropriate advice based on CPF rules. She is a good reflection on CPF Board's services."
- Goh Yin Xiang, Jessie
"Ms Jean Quek was thorough in her email replies. In addition, she obliged with a callback when I asked for further clarifications. She was also prompt in follow up and emailed me a summary of our discussion. Well done, Jean!"
- Tan Yin Kiat Glenn
"Mr Byron is very prompt and precise with his advice and he is an asset to CPF customer service. Appreciate and thank you to your staff that keep CPF members educated and well informed."
- Chang
"Mr Kirk Tan promptly responded to my request. He also provided me the link and clear explanation on how I can do the CPF top-up. His informative communication made my task very easy and quick. I was so happy when he even followed-up on my request and informed me that further action is being taken. My sincere thanks to Mr Kirk Tan for his excellent and kind services to members. It is yet another consistent and great services by your Customer Service Executives to members. Thank you very much dear Kirk Tan!"
- Chandran Sivakumar
"Mr Kirk Tan has provided comprehensive and clear reply to my query on CPF services. I am very satisfied with the standard of service rendered and the professionalism displayed. In addition, the response is prompt. It has given me confidence in the system’s reliability and responsiveness."
- Matthew Soon
"(my cpf Online Services) User-friendly and easy to understand."
- Nordin Abdullah
"(my cpf Online Services) Words alone cannot express my deepest gratitude about my first visit online. It was very useful to me as it met my requirements."
- Chandran Rajeswaran
"(my cpf Online Services) Well designed."
- Aaradhana
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
- Lim Koon Teck Roland
"The CPF Website is good and easy to use. I can find the online services easily."
- Seenivasan Kumar
"CPF Board has always been very prompt in resolving my queries and very understanding for overseas clients like me. Thanks to CPF team, good job!"
- Honorio Sienna Cabias
"Ms Annammal Ruth is precise, professional and able to answer all my questions promptly. Way to go, Ruth."
- Suganthi A/P Ponnu R
"I have always been satisfied by CPF Board's services. It is efficient, user-friendly and effective."
- Elangovan S/O Ramasamy
"Ms Karen Huang provided information on the dot. Well done. Keep up the good customer service which we severely lack back in my country ;)"
- Mohamed Rizvi Amath
"Even a post-traumatic brain injury survivor (PABIS) like myself have no problems navigating this website, great as it is. I felt a great sense of comfort as this is an 'all-inclusive' phenomena."
- Tan Kok Liang Takalah
"Your Customer Service Executive gave me more than what I asked for and I am grateful and honestly surprised. Keep it up."
- Teo Hoong Buay Chris Valerie
"I think E-mail makes us closer to one another than in person. It's more effective and both parties can resolve the problem promptly. We are very happy as it saves our time, money and most importantly, it sent our messages across. Thank you CPF Board."
- William
"It was a great experience with CPF Board the other day. I really did not expect the procedure to be as smooth as silk. Good job and keep going."
- Sinba Engineering Pte. Ltd.
"Prompt and efficient. World class service."
- Lum Chee Meng
"It's the quality of her answers. Ms Jaslyn Ewe had answered my questions and provided relevant and useful help. It will be great if all government officers can be like her."
- Hong Kian Boon Kelvin
"Very helpful and efficient. All processes are well organized."
- Chen Qiang
"Ms Christina Wong did not treat my request as a waste of time. I was touched by her care and understanding. Her work attitude is exemplary and her desire to help members in need should be followed by others."
- Anbazhagan S/O Srinivasan
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
- Nora
"(my cpf Online Services) It is very useful. Thanks."
- Amir Bin Arsad
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Peter Ng Chee Hong
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple and easy to access."
- Koh Bee Lan
"(my cpf Online Services) Extremely good."
- Kamlesh Kumar Tiwary
"Ms Charlene Teo was very professionally trained and had upheld CPFB's image of quality service. She is extraordinary in her good mannerism and has no fear to counter check on details before giving me. Quite rare in government departments."
- Peter Soon Cheng Teng
"Thanks to Mr Andrew Seah for attending to my last minute visit to CPFB. He really went the extra mile to help me settle my CPF issues even when he is not the officer in charge. Thanks again. Exemplary service!"
- Alexis Martial
"I would like to compliment Mr Patrick Chin's service when I visited the CPF Service Centre. He was very caring towards my enquiries and displayed utmost efficiency in managing the long queue we experienced that day. His explanations were succinct and easy to understand. In order to ensure that we had the right directions to completing our application, he ran after us to direct us to where the post office was, just in case we did not understand the directions given. It was a fantastic service that I was more than pleased to experience it!"
- Ailin Poh
"I really appreciate the prompt and detailed explanation provided by your officer Ms Yvonne Lim regarding my queries. I’m much delighted. Keep it up."
- Vidya Sagar
"(my cpf Online Services) Very useful, quick access and great."
- Selvakumar Jayakkannan
"(my cpf Online Services) I can access my CPF account everywhere even when I'm overseas. It had helped me in many ways."
- Mohamed Rafi.M
"I have been using CPF Services for 11 months and I am really satisfied. All the staff from CPF Board are dedicated and very polite. They have high knowledge in all CPF related matters. I am very happy and I am guiding some of my friends how to do online transactions with CPF Board etc. I wish CPF Board all the best for the future services."
- Shiva
"I relied on my cpf Online Services greatly. I thank you and wish all online services will be this easy, direct and useful."
- Camacho Zigmund Ramirez
"I am very impressed with Mr Kenny Sua's very good quality service. He is patient and good. His clear explanations has equipped me with profound knowledge and understanding of my CPF transactions. My grateful thanks to Mr Kenny Sua. Well done!"
- Lee Lai Meng Yvonne
"The online services are easy to use especially with the kind assistance of Ms Lim Kai Sin from the Refund Management, Collection & Services Department! Good work. Keep it up!"
- Carolina Tan
"I received a phone call this morning and I was greeted with a sweet and gentle voice. Her name is Ms Angela Tan. She was very patient with my limited knowledge of information. She provided me with very clear details and explanation. CPF Board is very lucky to have her. Thank you once again!"
- Teoh Lai Har
"Ms Yvonne Lim called me up to discuss the matter regarding the education loan that my son took. She was very polite and full of patience despite my anger over the issue. She was cool and explained to me in details with regard to my matter. I am pleased with the way she handled the situation. I thank her for taking the trouble to contact me."
- Jayakumaran S/O Rangasamy
"The response, assistance and guidelines have been very professional, informative and very punctual. Honestly, I have nothing to point out and is very satisfied."
- Gullapalle Jagannadha Rao
"I spoke to 2 different CPF staff over the phone to answer my queries and they were very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. They are an asset to the organisation."
- Low Kee Hong
"CPF Board has been exemplary in managing the citizens' retirement needs. The website is well-desgined and maintained, and the staff members are well-trained, responsive and courteous. I felt blessed that my retirement money is managed by a competent and caring organisation."
- Bao Zhiming
"The CPF Board representative was not only forthcoming but also positive through her emails, letter and phone. This is one of the best experiences I have had with an organisation."
- Ritu Jaggi
"Ms Georgina Alini's letter was well-written. She explained the matter very well. I have been served by CPF staff a number of times and have good impression of them everytime, including Ms Georgina Alini."
- Pang Choi
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to understand and meets my requirements. It saves my valuable time and transportation cost."
- Yong Ee Kwang
"Your staff is very courteous, helpful & knowledgeable. She is an asset to the CPF Board."
- Joseph S/O James Louis
"Ms Michelle Thoi did a very good job to all my requests and I was advised accordingly to my needs. Keep up the good work and excellent service."
- Ng Yeow Hee
"Ms Anna Chan is so cheerful and patient. She provided us with a very friendly smile which made a great Saturday morning for us. She is so knowledgeable and answered all the CPF queries that I was not very clear about. I am at ease now about my CPF."
- Tessensohn Albert Aloysius
"Mr Rayson Yong is very professional in his interaction with us. He is impeccable, smart and focused. He delivers service with a great smile, good patience and outstanding knowledge. Highly commendable - a role model. Well done! Keep up the good work. Thank you for being a great asset to the organisation."
- Yap Bee Hong
"Ms Lim Cai Ting is very professional, patient and conscientious. Her deep knowledge and ability to explain to me patiently what I wanted to know, allows me to better plan my CPF monies more effectively. I commend her to the public!"
- Chang Khai Mun
"(my cpf Online Services) Very user-friendly. Simple and direct to the point. Secured information, very useful for references and fast response."
- Haji Jazudi Mohamed
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use and resourceful."
- Ananya Bora
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Vincent
"I was pleasantly surprised how user-friendly the online service is. Please keep up the excellent work. I like the whole lot. It is quite informative and straight forward, no beating around the bushes. Well done!"
- Ong Yew Heng
"I would like to express my delight at the service I received from Ms S Krishvany through the CPF hotline. Ms Krishvany was very patient, professional and helpful throughout our phone conversation. She took time and effort to check on many of my enquires and guided me on the CPF online portal to complete my transactions online and saved me a trip to the CPF office. I am very grateful for her help and it resulted in plenty of time saved for me. She has good attitude and was helpful. I think all front-line service staff should learn from her. Thank you for training your staff well. Keep up the good work."
- Seah Suh Shan
"Quick response which leads to excellent service. What more can I ask for."
- Dalvinder Kaur D/O Mahinder Singh
"Ms Shelly Tan answered my queries and also provided me with relevant link for a better understanding. She is professional."
- Tan Wui Huan
"It's easy to find every details."
- Lam Yok Fui
"Special thanks to Ms Evelyn Ng who was very patient, nice and helpful. She even suggested a way for me to submit my application because I'm having system issue. Appreciate your help a lot."
- Gonzales Nestor Jr Cruz
"(my cpf Online Services) The interface is user-friendly in which it is easy to navigate."
- Muhammad Nur
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy to navigate and explains most of the items that need answers."
- Rene
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy and convenient."
- Rajoo Krishnaveni
"I am satisfied with the good response, the patience and the friendliness of your staff whenever i call through the telephone for my enquiries and also for their good reply and advise to my email enquiries. Very much appreciated. Thank you."
- Mr Chen Fatt Chou
"My experience with CPF has always been good. The service is reliable, prompt, informative and never fails to deliver. Highly recommended."
- Ms Dolly Cheng
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very convenient now, not like before."
- Tan Sze Loy Winston S/O Vasavan Sathiadew
"Your staff is knowledgeable in assisting what we want, polite and friendly."
- Doris Gan
"Very swift and competent response to my request. Customer service at its best. Thank you."
- Dr Uwe H Kaufmann
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent service. Super efficient and easy to use!"
- Alexis Schanen Fiuza
"I am glad to see the important notes of nomination in Chinese."
- Lam Yoke Har
"Ms Raihanah Binte Abdul Rahim is polite and patient. She practically guided me on how to do a correct submission and I was surprised to receive such good service. It is something that Singapore needs most. She had left a very good impression on me. Thanks Raihanah."
- Ms Mae Yap
"E-service is a faster mode of communication and to those who are IT savvy, it is great. Ms. Jean Quek is providing quality serivce. She has done her part to reply to my email and for that we appreciate her response. I have to visit CPF Service Centre at Robinson Road to sort out the CSN for my company due to the complexed nature of the set-up, and to seek clariifications on other CPF related matters via telephone calls to CPF staff. They have been very courteous, tried their utmost best to provide the necessary informations and attempt to facilitate and direct appropriate follow-up actions. They are CPF ''valued assets'' and give pride to the civil service. I appreciate their good and positive work attitude. Well done and keep it up!"
- Deborah Pay (Mrs)
"I would like to commend Mr Chan Weng Hong on his assistance. He is prompt with his responses and eliminated any hassle I might face during my application process. His friendly demeanour has left an indelible impression on me and it is very delightful to receive a call from him to explain patiently on the queries that I have. If there is such a thing like “Employee of the Month” within your kind department, I would like to strongly nominate him for the award. Thank you."
- Mr Daniel Lau
"The online service is easy to use."
- Miki Ngai
"The online services are indeed very useful and easy to use. The information viewed online was computed accurately."
- Tan Bin Siang Philip
"Ms Karen Huang was very prompt with her replies to all of my mail inquiries. She provided advice and instructions which were concise and clear for me to understand. I felt that I am being attended one on one in person with her. I greatly appreciate that."
- Mr Dipak Raj Gurung
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent!"
- Richard Mariano
"It is very easy and convenient to use. I am very happy with this service! It makes my job easy. Thank you!"
- Sapiya Bibee Bte Aliyar Kunju
"I think she took up the initiative to write to me and also follow up on my query efficiently. Very nice tone of voice and caring too. Good to have staff like this in the CPF Board."
- Ms Adriano Florence Monica
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Ng Chee Hong Peter
"Thank you for your very efficient assistance especially Ms Jennifer Kwee; I really appreciate the service rendered by her. Deeply touched. Thanks."
- Mr Tan Poh Huat
"Clear and concise explanations. Good job!"
- Mr Seow Eng Hua
"Fast in response. Clear, helpful and efficient. Thank you."
- Ms Amanda Kwang
"Very quick reply (less than 24 hours) with good and detailed explanations, also offering alternatives to better handle the issue in my enquiry."
- Mr Manuel Ferrer Massanet
"Fast and efficient. The best I've encountered so far."
- Mr Goh Chong Ming
"Ms Jasmine Low was prompt and supportive throughout the transaction. She followed up my queries and responded with solutions."
- Ms Maryanne Julie Peters
"(my cpf Online Services) Very efficient."
- Tang Yew Meng
"(my cpf Online Services) It's easily accessible from home. I love it."
- Judy Wong
"I was checking on funds for property and was impressed with the service provided by Zereene, a nice personnel who was helpful, patient and clear with answering queries."
- Samuel Gan
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use. Good."
- Han Boh Juan
"Ms Angela Ng is very patient and nice, she explains in a kind tone to let me understand the CPF scheme better. Thank you very much CPF. Your staff are very well trained."
- Ms Jane Kwok
"Mr Kenneth Cheak is very helpful and understanding with regard to my enquiry. No rudeness in the voice and it had been a great pleasure talking to such nice people. It really made our day."
- Mrs Letchumy
"Ms Linda Seet was very helpful and polite. She was efficient in providing us the solution to our enquiries. She spoke well and was extremely warm and courteous. It was a very pleasant experience."
- Ms Darlene Dana Bernadette Tan Sok Yan
"Ms Loo Siew Peng showed care and concern by asking whether I had my lunch and why I had to come down personally when I could have posted my application. This is what I meant by care and concern. I really appreciate and am extremely happy with her service."
- Mr Chithamparanathan
"I have an excellent impression of the work commitment of Ms Stella Chia for her assistance to my requirements. Despite the difficult situation where I am seeing very difficult clients that she is dealing wth everyday, I really appreciate her very positive approach to my needs. Thank you."
- Mr Yeo Siang Huat Thomas
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good and easy to find information."
- V.Ravee
"Service was excellent. This is not the first time I emailed my enquires to CPF. So far, I have received detailed and quick response to all my enquires. One of the officer even did a follow up call to me regarding my enquiries. Very satisfied."
- Ms Nurashikin Abdul Halim
"I really appreciate the kind of response within reasonable time. CPF Singapore can easily be set as an example for many government organisation across the globe on the kind of customer satisfaction they provide."
- Mr Venkata Bhavan Surat
"Mr Clement Lan has been very kind and helpful in assisting me on our CPF issues. CPF Board needs more people like him!"
- Mr Justin Wong Junwei
"Excellent service and user friendly. Staff are proficient and knowledgeable in their work."
- Mr Joseph S/O James Louis
"The explanation and suggestion provided was very clear and helpful. Great job!"
- Mr Chow Wai Man
"(my cpf Online Services) Very efficient."
- Gary
"I was attended by Ms Nurashikin on the hotline. She was very helpful and patient in answering my queries and she walked me through the entire request. I'd like to commend her. Thank you."
- Ms Sharifah Ferdaus Binte Syed Hussien Alkaff
"I would like to commend Mr Eugene Pan for his concise, clear and easy to understand response. His reply thus far has been the best amongst my experience with both public and private organisations. Keep it up!"
- Ms Poon Mui Kei
"Response was prompt and clear as she provided step-by-step guide of the actions to obtain my past years CPF records."
- Mr Sayus Bin Samadi
"The replies were prompt and informative. KEEP IT UP! "VERY EXCELLENT" is a better word than "Very satisfied". KEEP IT UP EUGENE."
- Yeo Eng Choon
"I wanted to compare CPF LIFE standard vs Basic plan. I know Bryon may not have all the answers. Nevertheless, he tried to provide answers to the best of his knowledge. I have encountered other service providers not answering questions at all. So I think Bryon did a good job. Most importantly I got what I wanted to know."
- Loke Fook Cheong
"(my cpf Online Services) Thank you very much. It is so easy to find what I'm looking for and settle the transaction within a few minutes."
- Benjamin Loo
"Miss Jean Quek was very attentive to my request and had followed up diligently with exceptional friendliness."
- Jessie Loo Hoe Bock
"The service and attention provided by CPF team is remarkably excellent. I am so happy that I had spent almost 8 years in Singapore and had a wonderful exposure of working conditions and people interaction. Finally, with some CPF savings I could gather to begin a new start. I wished to come back to Singapore and live in a better condition someday, restart my CPF contribution for myself and live a secured life with my CPF support system. Thanking the entire team behind this effort, supporting uncertain times for Singaporeans and PR. Thank you CPF and Government of Singapore."
- Kuttappan Ramakrishnan Korambil
"Well, everything is stated clearly. Awesome! :) Have a great day ahead!"
- Rahayu Manan
"Ms Jasmine Low took the trouble to explain to me the process that I was enquiring. She also sent me the necessary forms."
- Kugan
"Ms A W Sharon is a very friendly officer. She guided me very cordially and helped me submit the application online. She had also been very helpful in completing the online application so that the backend officer can process it quickly."
- Mr Ganesan Dorairaju
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use. Love it! Thank you."
- Muhammad Hairi
"Mr Joseph Tay was very professional, knowledgeable and personable, but yet not intimidating. He demonstrated great patience and went out of his way to help a citizen like me."
- Ms Violet Lee Hui Min
"Ms Nirmala Devi is serving with good passion. She is diligent, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. She serves with a big smile and is a good listener. Bravo, she deserves a promotion."
- Mr Heng Guan Hern
"(my cpf Online Services) Very easy to use."
- Mave Krishnan
"I give my sincere best compliment to Mr Eugene Kwan. This is the best encounter I have had amongst all other organisation. Eugene has shown and provided excellent guidance and assistance to me. I am very pleased to have liaised with him. I thank him for showing professionalism from CPF."
- Ms Yeo Lay Yan Lynette
"This is the best ever website that I have accessed with respect to ease of use, relevance of information, non-cluttered design and speed of transaction."
- Sudar
"The service is excellent as Ms Karen Ho got back to me quite fast. She answered to my query directly and provided alternative channel if I needed more information. It is personalised attention from the officer-in-charge."
- Mr Matthew Soon
"The layout of your web site is outstanding."
- Naginder Singh
"An amazing saving of time, all from the comfort of home and in less than five minutes. Congratulations CPF, you are leading the way."
- K. Rajamanikam
"Overall the service and information available is good."
- Narasimhan Hanumantha Rao
"Ms Yvonne Lim provided clear instructions and directions with regard to my enquiry. Her reply covered all areas. She is a good customer relations officer with politeness and initiative in provision of related materials."
- Ms Chen Yihui
"I'm very glad to receive such prompt reply from CPF Board. The reply answers directly to the questions I raised but not just merely a general reply which does not even answer to the queries I have. During my course of work, I need to contact other government departments such as IRAS, MOM, etc. So far, CPF Board provides the BEST service."
- Ms Michelle Tay
"This website is easy to navigate in terms of usability. It was a great experience."
- Chong Hoi Cheong
"Ms Raihanah Binte Abdul Rahim is very polite and patient when giving me advice and guidelines to solve my questions. Thanks very much and best regards."
- Mdm Shelly Loh Leng Leng
"Your response is very fast and prompt. You also provided guide and information accurately so that I could take follow-up actions in time."
- Mr Yim Hon Yong
"Did a great job in clearing my doubts within minutes. Very patient and explained to me the other steps that I can take to further solve my enquiries. Well done."
- Mr Kenneth Tan
"Thank you for the prompt reply and explaining very clearly the steps and options that I can take. It was a long email so thanks for the time spent in answering my questions."
- Ms Lee Swee Fon
"Convenient and easy to get the information."
- Balaraman Panneerselvam
"Kirk responded to my query almost immediately. I am very satisfied and happy with his service. Keep up with your good work Kirk."
- Mr Wong Sin Chuan
"Sorry by mistake I had clicked the wrong choice, I meant to choose strongly agree. The service is excellent. No complaints."
- Eswaramurthil
"To be with your assets while sitting abroad is a great feeling. A quick and on target response is well appreciated. Well done CPF Board."
- Ms Talha Akhtar D/O Mohammed Akhtar
"Mr Ed Cai was very attentive and helpful to the issue I have raised. He was also very patient with my repeated queries."
- Mr Ng Ek Cheong
"Special thanks to Mdm Chang Lai Heng for taking the effort to contact me and advising me on the relevant supporting documents to submit. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am truly grateful. Thank you."
- Mr Khoo Yew Meng
"(my cpf Online Services) I like it easy, clear and most importantly is secure."
- Raymond
"Mr Elson Soo had provided me with good information with regard to my enquiries. He provided clear explanation with a good smile to me. Service is top too. I am glad to have such an officer to serve me. Rare in government sector nowadays."
- Mdm Ng Lay Peng
"Very good! Easy for us to access even when we are overseas. Content in the website look presentable and professional. All information are well presented to the member of public."
- Tan Eng Hwee
"It is so easy to access our statement at any time from home."
- Ramachandran
"Mr Yeo Cheng Xiang is a very nice and helpful guy. He helped and guided me through the things that I do not understand. Thank you Mr Yeo!"
- Mr Chua Ban Kok
"I like the layout of the website. Information is easy to understand."
- Manivannan
"Would like to say that Ms Dolly Tan is an outstanding staff. She was very patient with me throughout, and guided me through the internet. Sweet-natured and did not seem to put down the phone hurriedly. Thank you Dolly!"
- Ms Kang Chai Hong
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Tay Kim Hock
"The CPF website is very comprehensive and most answers can be found. So far, all queries directed to any CPF officers are answered promptly and accurately. I find that the officers are very helpful as they will direct any queries that are not directly within their purview to the correct party without any fuss or complain."
- Ms Janice Goh
"Excellent website. It provides all details of CPF. Easy to use and friendly in design."
- Sachin Rajat Sharma
"Ms Jaslyn Ewe's response was fast and very detailed. I'm impressed."
- Mr Eric Ramalie
"(my cpf Online Services) Very friendly and easy to use. It took only a few minutes to complete the transaction."
- Yeo Eng Howe
"The details spelt out in Ms Karen Ho's email to me is clear hence very helpful for me to execute and complete the task swiftly. I am thankful for her efforts and the concise details."
- Mr Albert Tan
"(my cpf Online Services) Love it."
- Sharudin
"Very detailed, step by step guide to aid you in doing whatever you need to do. Ms Yvonne Lim answered my questions and even more. Good job and keep up the good work :)"
- Mr Marcus Tan
"Both Ms Nurulkamaria Ismail and Ms Hayati Berori gave excellent, clear and concise explanations, and even obtained details from my account to aid the explanation. Made it very clear. Response was also prompt, which was appreciated."
- Mr Lionel
"I am very impressed with Mr Kirk Tan as he took the time to explain to my queries. Well done."
- Ms Wee Chin Fern
"It is a breeze accessing your website."
- Abdul Khalim
"Ms.Georgina Alini is professional in her approach and always very prompt in her response. Very good service from CPF Board. Your system works very efficiently, well done!"
- Mr Abdul Latheef Sathar Anees Abdul Jabhar
"The matter is resolved efficiently and professionally with a depth of explanation and understanding through email. Thank you."
- Ms Rosalind Foo
"It is so easy to access my statement at any time from home."
- Ramachandran
"Excellent service and always feel comfortable to get all necessary information in a single shot. I haven't felt that I am sitting in a different country and getting this information because Georgina always provided best or excellent support."
- Mr Balamurugan Poyyamozhi
"I find that the officer is very knowledgeable and helpful to answer my queries. I know that I am in good hands ;)."
- Ms Fiona
"(my cpf Online Services) So quick and seamless!"
- Sadhvi Malhotra
"The instructions explained by Ms Nurulkamaria is clear and concise. Very easy to follow :)"
- Mr Eng
"The way I got the response for my CPF withdrawal is tremendous and I appreciate the way the officers helped. This is commendable. Thank you very much to all the officers involved."
- Mr Srinivasan Senthil Kumar
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent."
- Kaliyaperumal Alagarasan
"Happy for the great service rendered by Bishan Bernard Chew and Jennifer Kwee who stayed beyond office hours. Very good and attentive staff. Thank you CPF Board."
- Fong May Fong
"I would like to thank Vanessa for the professionalism, efficient assistance that she provided, going all the way to check with the required unit personally when I informed her that it was an urgent matter as well as patiently guiding me through the steps required to e-file details of the business with CPF. Thank you."
- Larry
"I am satisfied with the website. It is easy to get information."
- Chua Tian Teck
"Ms Norida is attentive and efficient in handling of my CPF requests. She was also quick to pick up my unintended request and acted on it promptly. This is work professionalism!"
- Mr Ong Kian Keong, Aloysius
"I must commend Ms Cheryl Ngian for her excellent attitude, knowledge and friendliness. It has made my experience with CPF Board a real wonderful one. This must be what civil service standards is all about. Well done."
- Mr Ng Kim Yeow Francis
"(my cpf Online Services) So easy to use."
- Ramli Anwar
"Mrs Soo Yusriah Yusof explained every detail clearly and was very patient with all our questions and doubts. She gave additional information on other CPF details which was very beneficial. Good knowledge shared to me and my son. Very happy with her service. Thank you very much!"
- Mr Steven Ho
"The best web site where you can get the online information at finger tip."
- Narayanamurthy
"The initiative taken by Mr Jeremy Lee was greatly admirable. I am extremely delighted that the Board indeed serves its member and maintains good reputation in the service quality. Hopefully other statutory boards and the government agencies can emulate this excellent service shown by CPF Board. My deepest appreciation to Mr. Lee and the Board for the assistance rendered."
- Mr Lim Tow Keng
"Ms Jeniffer Wee has been an exemplary service provider who went beyond call of duty to make my unpleasant experience a pleasant one. I made a new friend. Also to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Ms Asnita who expedited my request during her break time. Kudos to both ladies! Please extend my heartfelt appreciation to both."
- C.Thennarasu
"(my cpf Online Services) Very user friendly."
- Tan Song Kwang
"The service from cpf-online was swift and prompt. I will be able to get a response from them in less than 2 days and this helps a lot especially for many people who are working and unable to go down personally for simple requests or enquiries. I am thankful that Ms Nurul directed me to the correct channel and showed me the steps on doing it. It really saves a lot of time to figure out where to go and how to go about doing it on my own."
- Ms Teo Pauline
"Good system. Best wishes."
- Thangaraju Saravanakumar
"Excellent service. Friendly staff. A joy to have such working environment at Jurong East CPF. Thank you."
- Lam Ngien Seet
"Excellent service by Miss Jaslyn Ewe. It is a pleasure for me to have communicated with her and her prompt reply helped me with my queries. It is difficult to find friendly, knowledgeable and spontaneous customer service nowadays."
- Mr Desmond Wong
"It's user-friendly with great staff to help in the process."
- Kalawathi
"Your staff, Ms Jean Quek is very committed and thoughtful in her work. We appreciate her care and response in our queries."
- Mr Tay
"(my cpf Online Services) It's easy to use."
- Huan Chiang Guan
"Mr Matthew Lim handled my request promptly and followed up with me. l am really touched by his patience and professionalism, in that he did the necessary amendment and assured me that my request has been attended to. l wish to thank Mr Matthew Lim for a job well done. My trust in CPF Board is all about trust and diligence of its staff with conviction. Thank you once again."
- Mr Neo Hock Hee
"Ms Jane Tan had given me very detailed information on my enquiry and she is very patient and kind to answer all my concerns. Well done, CPF Board. You have done a good job for hiring the right people. Thank you."
- Mrs Choong Pek Chuin
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple and easy to use."
- John s/o Wilson Devasahayam
"I would like to thank Ms Moh Chwee Hwee for her full cooperation about my enquiry. All the questions I've asked had been explained clearly. I would like to credit her for her professionalism and kind help. Well done and keep the good work. Her kind help is much appreciated."
- Ms Mohem Ak Narok
"Ms Lim Hui Kiang was very professional, knowledgeable and patient. She was able to address all my queries very clearly and used appropriate illustrations and relevant CPF materials effectively. Thank you for the very pleasant experience."
- Mr Tan Yeow Beng Moses Lude
"(my cpf Online Services) Practical and good."
- Yussuf
"(my cpf Online Services) Very user friendly."
- Chor Hiong Tan
"Our company had a foreign worker(S-Pass) resigned to return home to her country. We employed a new foreign worker to replace the previous staff. I had written to CPF Board to ask if the levy payment of the new staff needed new giro application (when previous staff's levy was on giro payment scheme). I am very pleased with the detailed reply to my query, with proof that the levy payment was automatically activated and payment all in order so that I have no worries of additional paperwork nor penalty for late payment etc. It gave me assurance that everything is in order. Thank you very much."
- Ms Rosemary Lau
"This is the first time I left the building happy and satisfied with the clear and precise explanation from Ms Connie Yap. She is a very pleasant person to talk to and she puts me at ease. Thank you Connie for providing the kind of customer service we always look forward to."
- Ms Hooi Peak Yook Anne
"Ms Karen Ho has saved me time and effort to visit CPF Office. The matter was handled professionally and with a human touch. Thank you very much!"
- Mr Chong Fah Shang
"It is very easy to access this website."
- Heru
"I thank Ms Karen Huang with deep appreciation for her effort. She took time to explain in detail. Officers like her make our Singapore proud!"
- Mr T N Srinivasan
"(my cpf Online Services) Very nice. Easy to use. Everything is clear. Thanks CPF Board."
- Bheeman Vivek
"Ms Carmen Lim was extremely helpful and professional in her role as an advising officer, who's tasked to resolve my predicament. Her response was prompt and her advise on the follow up actions was clear & precise."
- Mr Boey Cherng Haw
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent services."
- Yuen Chee Kong
"Very prompt response and language is clear to understand. Keep up the good work!"
- Goh Chee Wee
"The manner in which the request was handled and the level of responsive assistance is very encouraging of the department. Special mention and thanks to Ms Goegina Alini. Your attention and professional approach will be a pleasant feature of CPF."
- Nonis Gerard Leonard
"Good system."
- Thangaraju Saravanakumar
"So far, I have only checked information about my retirement from the website - the calculator is very simple and useful."
- Chen Yee Leng
"Keep up the good work!"
- Collin Tan
"Eugene has been prompt in responding to my enquiries by email. His answers are clear and helpful. Keep up the good work."
- Heng Yang Pheng
"On time feedback and clarifications of all my doubts was done meticulously by Ms Jaslyn."
- Anoop Sri Latha
"(my cpf Online Services) Useful."
- Raihana Binte Mohamed Ali
"I was very well serviced by Kirk Tan via email. Responses were fast and every questions I had were answered even though they are related to other departments. Kirk did an excellent job!"
- Aaron Randolph Chen
"Ms Angeline Tay has delighted me with efficient and exceptionally courteous responses to my enquiries. She seems committed to providing excellent service and cetainly upholds CPFB's core value of providing exemplary service."
- Mr Geetha Chandran
"It's friendly and easy to view information. I'm happy with the colours, layout and arrangements."
- Lim Tek Hoi
"I would like to thank Ms Shirley Chua for her professional advice and help. Also Ms Shirley was sincere, quick and delivered clear explanations to my enquiries. Million thanks to Ms Shirley Chua."
- Mr Hong Kong Yong
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Mr Peter Ng Chee Hong
"It saves me the time and effort to visit CPF Office. The matter was handled professionally and with a human touch. Thank you very much."
- Mr Chong
"Ms Leong Mei Yong was very informative and could answer all of my questions. She was very patient and approachable. What was most outstanding about her was the SMILE on her face all the time."
- Mdm Bajan Kaur D/O Mewa Singh
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very useful and easy."
- Tan Boon Khai
"Ms Violet Lim was very knowledgeable of her work. She was able to answer every question asked. She was very polite, warm and helpful in every way to assist with my queries. She explicited a good role model in her professionalism as a customer service staff. Good! Keep it up, Violet!"
- Mr Lim Hang Seng
"Georgina has done an excellent job responding to my queries. Couple of things that I really appreciate of her handling of my queries: 1) She was very well able to understand my question 2) She sent me very precise (to the point) responses which answered my queries 3) She provided additional information which was very helpful for me to gain broader understanding 4) She was very polite in her response. She is certainly an asset on your team. Thank you for a job well done."
- Asif Khan
"(my cpf Online Services) It's easy to input information into the system. Thanks."
- Choy Kah Chin
"She has a very detailed nature which I am immensely appreciative. Her service and attention to details in replying the emails have been exemplary. Well done and keep it up, Maurice."
- Mr Ferris Wee
"Ms Karen Ho from Customer Correspondence Unit was very detail in her reply and explanation to my query. Really appreciate her time and effort."
- Mr Lim
"Her reply was very prompt and it was straight to the point. I got the answer I wanted and I would like to thank her on the job well done. Thank you Ms Nurulkamaria!"
- Ms Lim Ee Pheng
"The help desk lady provided great help to my urgent request. I strongly recommend your staff, Gigi as one of the greatest help desk service personnel in Singapore."
- Lee Teck Tong
"I had 3 face-to-face interactions with the CPF Board, the last one being at the main CPF Building in Tanjong Pagar, where I was helped to complete my transaction online. The staff were extremely helpful, warm & polite. A great example of public service!"
- Mr Abeyawardena G Colin
"Thank you Jennifer Kwee for the help and assistance."
- Lee Donlee
"Ms Chen was very prompt in her reply and clarified everything for me. I really appreciate her taking the time to answer my query. Thank you!"
- Ms Sarah Miller
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple and direct."
- G.Rajasegar
"Ms. Theodora Koh clarified the practice of maid FWL imposition clearly and timely to my email."
- Dr Ho Ngap Kum
"Being a long time CPF member who had not been in touch with my balance account since 1992, I was disappointed that i am not eligible for a SingPass. But I was thankful for a quick and efficient response received. An alternative was given to me instead and I was able to receive my account statement by post mail. I hope and believe in the integrity of the CPF department too in having my account safe for withdrawal when I reach my retirement in years to come. Again thank you to you, Ms Shelly Tan and the Board for the kind understanding and assistance in tracking my account balances."
- Mr Ang Tien Jin
"(my cpf Online Services) Simple to use and it's convenient."
- Yati Jailani
"The service provided by Ms Selvasegari was excellent. We truly appreciate it. She was willing to help us in every regard, and was able to clearly answer our queries. Excellent service."
- Sebin Sebastian
"(my cpf Online Services) It is fast and I like it very much. Thank you."
- Jaspal Kaur
"Ms Anna Tay had provided an incredible service and response! I did not expect that I am able to receive a reply on the day itself.

Am thankful for follow-up as it has helped us a lot and ease our worries and frustration. Hereby, I wish to extend my appreciation to Ms Anna."
- Ms Kho Renfang
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent."
- Tan Hong Kee
"Excellent layout and easy to browse the information I need with regard to my CPF Statement. Keep up the good work and continue to excel."
- U.R.Ajai Kumar
"I like the CPF calculator as we are able to check if the company we are working for contribute the correct amount to us."
- Yeo Hui Ting
"Service is very good."
- Kamlesh Kumar Tiwary
"CPF have a bunch of well trained staff. Ms Aishah is knowledgeable, helpful, patient and concise. CPF is a model Government Statutory Board for others to follow."
- Clarence Tan
"The online calculator is very useful and it is easy to understand especially for all members who wish to check on their withdrawal amount when they reach the age of 55."
- Ravin
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very convenient. Thank you."
- Sanda
"Mr Jeremy Lo was patient and helpful with my request. He called me back and guided me through my application successfully even after the operational hours of the hotline. This call was one of the best services I had received so far."
- Ms Tan Ngar Fong, Madeline
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Veerappan Vellaiappan
"Ms Jenny Tan is always very prompt and conscientous in answering our e-mail and phone clarifications. We would like to commend in her endeavours to assist us in enquries beyond her duty. Having a pleasant personality is also a plus point!"
- Ms Lim Tze Qi
"(my cpf Online Services) It is very easy & straightforward to follow the instructions laid out."
- Gulan Bibi D/O Hussian Beck
"I wish to compliment Mr Terence Goh for the excellent service he has provided. Mr Goh patiently checked and explained to me on my enquiries. His manner in answering my queries was clear and polite. I am very satisfied in his overall service."
- Mr Chan Ngok Leong 
"I like your services. Thank you."
- Mohamed Shariff
"Very quick respond from staff of CPF Board. Ms Christie even made call to my mobile to ensure I have received the reply from CPF Board on my query. Keep it up on your good work in serving the public and continue to project good image for the public servant. Well done."
- Goh Teck Wah
"(my cpf Online Services) It is very convenient to use."
- Syed Maffi
"My telephone conversation with Ms Linda Wang was fruitful and I am able to get a better understanding. I salute her for her friendly, helpful and patient assistance to help me understand my concerns. Once again, thank you so much Ms Linda Wang."
- Mrs Julie Tan
"I'm very happy and satisfied with the system."
- Zailani
"CPF Board staff were very helpful. I finally got through with the e-application in my second attempt. Many thanks to your customer services and prompt responses!"
- Chan Chee Meng
"Mr Maurice replied my email queries very promptly. Did very well explanation. Replied my questions straight to the point. Keep it up Maurice! Did CPF Board proud to have a staff like you!"
- Anonymous
"I am really impressed with Jeremy. He helped me expedite my transaction. Thank you."
- Teo Teck Hock
"Thank you, Mr Joshua Ng for his enlightened and professional handling. He had responded excellently. The Singapore civil service should be extremely proud to have staff like Mr Ng."
- Mr Soong Kam Fai
"CPF have done a very good job which enables member to view their statement, contribution, type of transfer, balance and others. I have been using it very frequently. Also, it allows us to ask questions and get answered immediately. Once again, thanks CPF."
- Lee Kok Wai
"I just want to send my compliment to Ms Ivy Chia, who assisted me to complete my application in April 2013. She was so friendly, helpful and full of smile throughout the whole transaction even though I was the last customer on that day. Because of her cheerful attitude, I left CPF Board happily."
- Mdm Yeo Choo Hong
"The counter staff, Jennifer Kwee aided me in using the website. From now on, I no longer need to visit the Service Center for further assistance. Everything could be done online. Thanks alot."
- Hoh Wan Peng
"Mrs Chris provided prompt response to my query. Her answer was clear and straightforward."
- Ms Kwa Chin Bee
"(my cpf Online Services) Everything is excellent."
- Rosli Bin Mawi 
"Florence Chen was a nice and friendly customer service associate, I was satisfied by her service. Hope she will be able to keep up her good work."
- Ms Jaslyn Chen
"The customer service standard including GIC companies are dropping in Singapore in the last 10 years. I am so glad that feedback and customer services provided by all public services are remained excellent."
- Mr Yien
"Effective staff working on my CPF case. Mr Teo Zi Jian had put in great effort. Keep up the effectiveness! Thanks Zi Jian."
- Ms Tan Yong Jie
"Great! We can do online transactions without any guide. Keep it up."
- Anvar Dheen Mohd Ibrahim
"Excellent service from Ms Lily. Greatly appreciate her warm and efficient service. Thank You."
- Eljin Tan
"(my cpf Online Services) Excellent."
- Sahaya Devi 
"Mr Byron Kok's service is a reflection of CPF Board's management, which is competent and professional. These days where people worry about the safety of their pension money, CPF Board has kept up with the needs of its stakeholders, thereby providing its services in a responsive, reassuring and reliable manner."
- Mr William Wong
"Response from CPF Board is prompt. Clarification provided by Mr Kirk Tan is very clear and informative."
- Mr Chua
"One of the most user friendly sites!"
- Amran
"It is easy to find the service that I am looking for. The process is simple. With E-Service, I have saved a lot of my time wasted at the CPF Service Centres."
- Yeo Choo Hong
"I had never expected that I would get a response the next working day. This is amazing! Big thumbs up to CPF Board. This is my first encounter with CPF Board and a very pleasant one. It really changed my perception of dealing with government sector. Thank you to Mr Kirk Tan for giving me such a nice experience with CPF Board. Keep up your good work! Hope to have more staff like you working in government sector. It is a breeze in our life."
- Mdm Ng Sor Fung
"Mr Maurice Su gave a very detail reply to my email and it's easy to understand. The CPF Board's service standards had improved very significantly."
- Mr Edwaard Tan
"(my cpf Online Services) Love it because it is so user-friendly and easy."
- Low Khee Soon
"Thank you very much to Mr Byron Kok for his positive response. I fully appreciate him taking the time in explaining such useful procedures so thoroughly. This is most helpful for me and some of my friends. Once again, thank you very much. "
- Mr Jeffrey Tan Gin Hai
"Am impressed with the services offered by CPF. In particular, the replies were quick and clear to understand."
Mr Peter Bow
"(my cpf Online Services) It is very easy to use and it is very informative and user- friendly."
- Zaleha Binte Lembek
"Your online services is very good and easy to use. It meets our needs. Keep it up."
- N.Vaithinathan
"The response time is excellent and efficient as well as the information provided by Ms Shelly Tan via email. Keep up with the good job. All the best to Ms Shelly."
- Mr Ng
"Ms Georgina is so prompt and always offer help and assistance. I would like to thank her for giving me very fast response and great service. Two thumbs up for her!"
- Ms Maria Victoria
"Ms Karen Huang is particularly commendable in her endeavours to assist over and beyond her duty."
- Mr Chan Ngai Fai
"User friendly. Easy to scroll. Secured website with safety features."
- Fathi Omar
"Love the web design, layout and colour. It is very straight forward and extremely easily to use. Though I am in the UK,  the speed is very fast. Keep up the good work. Thank you!"
- Germayne Briana Jacey
"This is the first time I am using online services but with the assistance of your kind customer service executive, Ms Alice Chng. I am sure I will use it in future. Thanks to her. Thumbs up Alice Chng."
- Easah Bee
"Very prompt and detailed reply that addresses my query directly. This is not the first time I have posed a question through the CPF website and I'm pleased that the service has always been excellent."
- Ms Alice Tay
"I feel that CPF board was quick to response to clarify the wrong information I received from my friend regarding nomination policy, I forwarded the information to many of my friends and they appreciated my effort."
- Mr Khan Hong Chiew
"My experience with CPF has always been very pleasant may it be for official matters or personal matters."
- Mr Viji
"Mr Eugene Pan from Customer Correspondence Unit has been very efficient in responding to my emails and his answers are thorough and clear."
- Mr Pang Tein San
"Mr Byron Kok is very responsive and cooperative. His tone of voice was very friendly. Good."
- Mr Boey Fook Nam
"Ms Karen Huang is truly a professional member of your staff. She is an asset to CPF."
- Ms Ngeok Wong
"Ms Chang Lai Heng is a professional employee who understands the issues that I am facing and expedited my request without a doubt."
- Mr Rudy Javier San
"Ms Kerine Ang is so jovial and has a pleasant personality. It is a good start of the day to have such customer service executive to serve us early in the morning. She really made my day and is also very steady and calm in trying to solve my problem. Such staff should receive a commendation for being so pleasant."
- Ms Sarina Bte Salleh
"I would like to commend and thank Ms Anna Lim for her patience and the comprehensive step by step guide during the registration process. It made our registration process a breeze indeed."
- Mr Alvin Yeo
"(my cpf Online Services) Well done :)"
- Loo Kah Meng
"Very convenient and effective website for navigation. User friendly and time saving."
- Sonal Rao
"I was not expecting the service would be that good when I submitted my application. But after 3 weeks, my perception changed completely. The service provided by CPF was excellent. I am more than satisfied by the service of Ms Karen Huang. Thank you so much for providing excellent service."
- Mr Debbarma Sukanta
"I really appreciate Mr Clement Prasobhan's prompt update of my case status. I am very impressed by the promptness of CPF staffs' responses and such high level of customer service attitude. I have yet to come across a more diligent, professional, dedicated and highly customer service minded civil staff like Mr Clement who has certainly made my experience with CPF Board a very pleasant one. He is certainly the best role model even among the other civil sectors. Wishing Mr Clement all the very best in his career! Cheers to CPF!"
- Ms Lim
"Ms Angela Tan has been highly professional in handling my matter. She has very patiently listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions and doubts. In addition, she has even gone the extra mile to counsel me and given me constructive advices. I really appreciate all her effort and time spent with me."
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"I did not expect the service to be that good when I applied for CPF withdrawal online. But after 3 weeks, my perception changed completely. The service provided by CPF Board was excellent. I am more than satisfied by the service of Ms Karen Huang. Thank you so much for providing excellent service."
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"Ms Karen Ho had been very helpful and met many of your organisation's objectives. Her efforts have no doubt contributed to the high customer satisfaction leve of CPF Board. Her disposition and experience as a customer service professional should be valued and she truly deserve a word of praise. Ms Ho, thank you for your valuable time and effort. Keep up your good work."
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"(my cpf Online Services) This is my first time doing an e-Submission. It is very easy and simple to use. With convenient ways of payment such as GIRO and NETS, it saves me a lot of my time."
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"(CPF Ask Us) Very useful website for matters pertaining to CPF."
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"Ms Chris Marajas, thank you for your helpful advice. Having lived abroad, I must say that Singapore has one of the most efficient public office and quality of service."
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"Thanks for all the troubles, Ms Lee Pei Er. You have been great in explaining the details and helping to clear the air!"
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"It is amazing how patient and courteous your officers can be! It was a pleasure talking to your polite officer, Mr Teo Zhi Wei, who rectified my accounts promptly and with great interest and concern. Bravo CPF Board!"
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"Ms Karen Ho provided a very comprehensive response to my question by giving me a good background to the subject matter before directing me to my needs. She anticipated what my needs are. Thanks you very much."
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"Ms Jean Quek's response addressed the exact nature of my questions and provided additional and further information. The wordings and structure of Ms Quek's response was excellent and have much confidence in CPF Board as a result of my experience."
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"Mr Lin Yan Er is very helpful and friendly. He is also very patient and give good simple instruction."
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"I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Linda Lim for her kind assistance, information and presentation. She has demonstrated strong knowledge and personality that is so valued to others CPF members."
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"Having an online service which enables members of the public to transact with various departments of CPF Board provides a tremendous convenience for everyone. As former PM Lee Kuan Yew has publicly said, "Singapore is a work in progress". Indeed all organisations, both public and corporate, should see their respective organisations as '...a work in progress'. Meaning all organisations must always be ready to adapt to changing circumstances. My experience at the Tampines Community Club this morning to retrieve my SingPass was carried out very smoothly. Thank you for the great efforts. You have done Singapore proud."
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"Mr Ed Cai Junhui has promptly sent me the details, forms and also the guidelines on how I should submit the voluntary monthly contribution and also the standing Instruction form. I am really happy that CPF staff consistently continue to provide their services despite their work pressure. I would also like to convey our thanks and whole hearted appreciation to Ms Kirk Tan."
- Sivakumar
"Replies to my enquiries by email were answered quickly with very detailed and easy to understand information. I am very satisfied with the professionalism. Thank you."
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"We're very satisfied with Linda Ong’s services. She really answered our question in details & she provided us with information more than what we’re expecting. Sincerely we appreciated her service & assistance!"
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"The staff at CPF are always polite, efficient and follow up very professionally. I have no complaints at all. To be honest, if all companies operated this way my life would be so much easier."
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"(my cpf Online Services) Getting updates from CPF and being able to make e-appointment saves time for both parties and helps increase productivity. It is the quickest way for me."
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"Ms Yeng Ling has been a very friendly, helpful and patient staff. I would like to say a big thank you to her and hope that she continue with her awesome service. I'm delightful to be served by her. Thank you Ms Yuen Ling for your help again."
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"Very efficient and prompt. Ms See Swee Ping is very polite and helpful."
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"Ms Jacelyn Low is professional and pleasant in her service. She also displayed great patience in my CPF enquiry. Definitely an asset to the organization."
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"The online service is easy to use and user-friendly. Every user, even senior citizens, will find no difficulties using it."
- Lye Kway Yong
"Special thanks to Ms Violet Lim who attended to my application. She is truly exceptional and excellent in her service and public relations skills. Very efficient and proactive."
- Soo Chee Seang
"I am very happy and impressed with the online services as it benefits many CPF account holders. It saves a lot of time and is very efficient to use. CPF has done a wonderful job."
- Thajudeen MD Famee
"(CPF Ask Us) Excellent site. Easy to use."
- Sathiakala
"Mrs Chris Marajas had provided me with a very systematic and comprehensive reply by highlighting the background and considerations of the various accounts under the existing policies and directives before explaining the current status of my account. This was a good approach in clarifying such queries. Thank you once again for the efficient and comprehensive service which I had benefited. "
- Mr Lee
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
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"Mr Kirk Tan gave fast email reply to my request. Not wasting time, this shows that CPF Board takes care of their members. Thank you very much, CPF Board."
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"CPF Board's email reply is prompt to my enquiry. Ms Lata Georgina's email reply has been very informative, clear and specific which has answered exactly what I needed to know. I am also very glad to receive many links to other services that are very helpful."
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"Mr Keith Ong is very patient, kind and helpful. He never says no to my request and he is also very polite. Thank you Keith Ong for the job well done. Keep up the good work!"
- Fadilah Bte Abdul Rahim
"(CPF Ask Us) It is good."
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"Ms Nur Amalina is well-versed in her explanations to me and I am very happy that I have understood."
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"CPF website is user-friendly. Required information is easily found. When I needed to talk to someone, the line got through very quickly. Ms Linda Ong knows her subject very well. She is not only friendly in responding to my queries, she is helpful and professional too."
- Mr Lim
"Very well explained and the infomation provided very useful, especially to senior citizen like us. Keep it up!"
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"(my cpf Online Services) It has clear instructions on what I should do and it is user-friendly."
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"Ms Jean Quek provided a screenshot of the application and gave me a better understanding. Well done."
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"Ms Dorin Ang is very efficient and has very good product knowledge in her reply to me. She comes across as a very patient, friendly and helpful person. Great customer service excellence does not happen by itself. It is people like Ms Dorin Ang who makes the difference by going the extra mile to meet the customer's requirements! It is CPF Board's pride to have such a responsible and committed employee. Awesome! Keep up the excellent work. Last but not least, kindly convey my deep appreciation to Ms Dorin Ang."
- Eddy Foong
"(my cpf Online Services) It is fast and easy to surf for information, making it very user-friendly."
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"I find it easy to use online services."
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"Mr Eugene Pan has been patient, precise, knowledgeable and helpful in his replies to my many doubts. Excellent officer and credits to CPF Board."
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"Members could really feel Mr Eugene Pan's sincere, helpful concerns reflected in his replies to their enquiries. His prompt response is detailed and professional. Keep it up!"
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"I wish to commend Mr Roy Ang from CPF Board Call Centre for his excellent customer service. He was patient and detailed. He went the extra mile to explain and it is not everyday that I receive such good service. Please express my sincere thanks to him."
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"I was very surprised that CPF Board has such personalised service. Ms Charlene Ho came down from her office to receive my father's application form from me. She greeted me with a big smile and I felt like "A Million Dollar" customer. Keep up the good work."
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"I really want to thank Ms Lily Ng for her great help in guiding me to use the e-Concierge for the first time. She is cheerful and her enthusiasm really brightens my time using the e-Concierge."
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"Well done and continue to improve the website."
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- Tokyo Byokane (S) Pte Ltd
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- Chua Kwee Tin
"Online services are very good."
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"Ms Paulyn Wong has been of great assistance in providing details on my application. She is also very helpful and cheerful in responding and communicating with customers. I thank her for her services rendered to me."
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"With the help of CPF customer service executive, I am able to follow the steps and to me, that was the greatest help of all."
- Koh Tien Hoe
"I would like to compliment Ms Joelle from Tanjong Pagar Main Service Centre for coming forward to assist me by explaining to me the various requests that I can made online using my SingPass. She also let me know that I can actually make an e-appointment online as well! Ms Joelle has certainly helped me save a lot of time and trouble by being so helpful and patient! Thumbs up for the good service."
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"I am amazed at the number of services available on the CPF website and the ease of using these services. It is all at the click of a button. They are also extremely open about accepting fair feedback by having a quick set of questions after you use each of their service. This means they are out there listening to the users and striving to meet service excellence of the highest order."
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- Teo Li Ching, Pamela
"The webportal is really very well designed and easy to use. Keep it up."
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"I love CPF Board's online services for its excellent customer-centric layout, ease of use and sufficient bandwidth. CPF Board has been consistent in their responsiveness, effectiveness and friendiness of CPF officers, providing excellent services for decades!"
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"The service provided by CPF Board is excellent and the response was great. Do maintain the standard and high level of service quality. Thanks for the wonderful and efficient customer service at the Bishan CPF Branch which I visited on 16 Jan 2013 and was served by Mr Elson Soo, a pleasant, warm, patient and cheerful staff."
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"Ms Karen Ho's replies to my queries were always polite, patient and to the point!"
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"Ms Mabel Lai is helpful and resourceful but most of all she is courteous. She explained the process carefully and slowly and ensured that I understood the process before she put down the phone."
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"Answers to my queries were straight to the point and prompt! Great customer service beyond my expectation! Hopefully all out public offices are able to match CPF Board in this area. "
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- Haji Abdul Shukor Bin Mohamad
"It is very useful for me as I can get all information online. It saves a lot of precious time for me. Thank you very much."
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"Ms Karen Huang replied my letter professionally. Great job."
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"(my cpf Online Services) The standard of information provided to members is outstanding and not many websites in the world can do it. CPF Board really cares for the people. Thank you."
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"I made two phonecalls to CPF call centre. The Customer Service Executives were extremely patient and helpful while attending my queries. Credit to all the call centre staff."
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"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy to sign in with SingPass."
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"I would like to commend Ms Shirley Loh for her patience, knowledge and kind assistance. She is a very helpful officer indeed. I am very satisfied with the way she handled my questions. Thank you."
- Thai Quoc-Luong
"(my cpf Online Services) Well done."
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"Well done, Singapore CPF Board! It has been many years since my last visit to CPF Board. Both senior and junior service staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Quality service is achieved. Many thanks and Happy New Year 2013. Many good years to come for Singapore."
- Au Chin Hin
"It is easy to navigate around the website. The instructions given are easy to understand. Full marks given to the online services."
- Chow May Ping
"Ms Jennifer Yong was very competent in advising me of my options. More than that, she was very helpful in suggesting how I could meet the deadline for my application. Truly a professional with that warmth to serve. You could simply feel her helpfulness and sincerity. She is deserving of an award or promotion for her dedication and professionalism. I left the premise with a most pleasant feeling. Needless to say, she is an asset to your organization. Congrats!"
- Hui Eric
"(my cpf Online Services) Very Good."
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"I manage to amend my request via e-concierge on Jan 4 with the help of your staff, Mathew. A thumbs-up for his quick response. Thanks."
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"(my cpf Online Services) Great."
- Sivarajah Danapalan
"(my cpf Online Services) It is user-friendly for all citizen."
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"Mr Harry Ho's service was prompt and fast. In addition, his constant updates put my mind at ease. Thank you very much for everything! Greatly appreciated!"
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"The website is informative and easy to use."
- Anita Lim
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
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"I have always found complete satisfaction in the services provided by CPF Board. It is commendable that the Board has improved and innovated consistently over the last 20 years that I have personally experienced."
- Ashok Jain
"Although there is still room for improvement, I find the website perfect. Thanks for the efficient service."
- Stephen Jude C. Oreste
"I received a very clear and reader-friendly email from Mr Kirk Tan and he even bothered to explain the background before answering my queries. Response time is prompt as per promised, impressive!"
- Rei
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- Chan Siu Wan
"I would like to compliment Mr Jeffery Leow who served my husband and me just now. He did an excellent job. He was very patient, very clear, very detailed and I was very surprised that he was able to answer all the questions that I had. He was able to explain how it worked. So I just want to say that he did an excellent job and a great compliment to his patience as well. Thank you."
- Rebekah Poh Tuang Ngoh
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"I was attended by Ms S Krishvany. I found her very patient and efficient. I appreciate her help. She is a valuable staff and I think she should be adequately rewarded. Thank you very much."
- Khoo
"(CPF Ask Us) It's amazing!"
- Jayaraman Dandapani
"I would like to say that Ms Ivy Ong had been really helpful, friendly and very accomodating. When she mentioned that she would be calling me back to update me on the status of my queries, she did that as promised."
- Maria Nova Constantino
"One of the most informative website. It is very intuitive, easy to navigate and has good illustration. I love the audio feature which is very helpful for the senior users."
- Connie
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy to find the information I was looking for & I like the layout. It is easy to read and understand. Keep it up!"
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"Ms Nurulkamaria Binte Ismail responded to my email promptly. She went to great lengths to explain the policy to me. I am very satisfied with the service she had provided."
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"(my cpf Online Services) I can use it anywhere, at the comfort of my home, office and even when I am overseas."
- Samuel Tan
"It's been a truly wonderful experience to submit CPF contribution online for our organisation. A very big thank you to your IT team who had made it so seamless and I congratulate the board for making the online transactions so easy to navigate. I just can't say how much I appreciate the convenience. Keep up the good services."
- Koh Ah Yan
"(my cpf Online Services) I can access any information I want easily."
- Tan Ah Hee
"I was duly impressed and satisfied by the manner of Mr Lionel Soh who had handled my queries. Kudos to him, job well done."
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"(my cpf Online Services) It is useful as I can get the information I want."
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"(my cpf Online Services) Very easy to see my CPF statement. Online service is good."
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"(my cpf Online Services) Very friendly and easy to use. I can click on any information that I ask for."
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"Ms Georgina Alini is great in responding in every email. She is an asset to CPF providing great service to members."
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"Great experience using CPF Website."
- Rajesh Chirayil Bhaskaran
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy and good for people with only basic computer knowledge. They can also do it."
- Rozina Rusdi
"Ms Christine Gan has been very helpful and patient explaining to me about my CPF account. I really appreciated her explanations. On top of that she had also taken the trouble to check on my other enquiries and enlightened me with all the answers on CPF issue that I had doubts with. Thank you very much Ms Gan. Your time spent on explaining is greatly appreciated."
- Lee Quee Foon
"(my cpf Online Services) It is fantastic and amazingly very good."
- Obadiah Lee Victor
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to understand and good."
- Loo Kah Meng
"My opinion is CPF staff are all very well trained, capable and efficient."
- Alex Teo
"(my cpf Online Services) I like it."
- Teh Lixiong Samuel
"(my cpf Online Services) It's good."
- Thota Chandra Sekhara Rao
"(my cpf Online Services) The functionalities are well-developed and easy to use. I am very impressed with the thoughtful descriptions that appear when I mouse-over the different tabs."
- Joanne
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy and fast. I am able to get all the information needed."
- Alfian Bin Ismail
"Service is efficient, prompt and clear. All the good things!"
- Lok Yoke Wah
"(my cpf Online Services) Easiest way to get information that I want. Thanks a lot for great services."
- Thattil Lonappan Shaju
"Using CPF website is a great way to save time and stay up-to-date with my CPF matters. You have done a great job in public service. Keep it up and keep up with technology as it advances. Thank you."
- Yoosuff Ali
"Thank you so much for your help, Ms Tamiliselvee d/o Supperamaniam! Your help saved me from a lot of stress. Receiving your email had made my day. You were indeed very helpful and informative. You were also very polite and assuring in helping me with my enquiry. You were indeed very commendable in your job and had done a good service to me. A big thanks to you."
- Doris Tan
"(my cpf Online Services) Very simple to use."
- Ganesan Tamilselvan
"I like it as it is fast and all the information and details are clear. It is quite easy and simple to submit my transactions. Thank you."
- John Cheng Mee Chon
"I called CPF hotline for an enquiry. Mr Shawn Tan was both polite and helpful during the entire conversation. I am pleased that my enquiry was handled well and speedily."
- Lee Suk Chern
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good."
- Ng Chee Hong Peter
"Thank you for your fantastic service and help today, Ms Rani Sindhu Vadakke C! You were most patient. I am extremely grateful for solving my problem so quickly. It is staff like you that bring great credit to the Civil Service!"
- Daniel Chia
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good and easy to use."
- Kannappan
"(my cpf Online Services) Very user-friendly with lots of options to select."
- Soon Ping Ping
"(my cpf Online Services) Good."
- Ong Wee San Sheila
"CPF ambassadors and website never fail to amaze me. Never have I encountered such great service from any other organizations in and out of Singapore. Excellent service! Two thumbs up! Thank you so much! :)"
- De Guzman Yvette Casano
"Thanks for the very prompt and clear and excellent service. I wish we have similar folks like Ms Jean Quek in other governmental departments. Her service is excellent and so is that of CPF."
- Muthusamy Gabriel
"(my cpf Online Services) The way to print the contribution history is easier then before."
- Mon Mon Hlaing Min
"Ms See Siew Ping was an excellent officer. She understood my situation and solved my issue very easily. She is a kind and polite officer."
- Zeenathul Fazariaya Mohamed Ismail
"(CPF Ask Us) The system is excellent!"
- Chew Lai Song
"The reply from Mr Su was not only prompt but comprehensive. It provided me and my wife basic guidelines about our plan to manage our CPF funds upon retirement."
- Yeo Hock Yew
"Mr Hayden Er's reply was very clear and to the point. I must place on record, my utmost satisfaction at his prompt response too. Thank you so much and I appreciate his attention very much."
- Promode Gopalan
"I sent in an enquiry and a prompt reply was received two days after that from Ms Nurulkamaria. Her response to my queries were appropiate and informative, it was certainly a pleasure communicating with her, thumbs up for the efficient service, Ms Nurul."
- Neo Wanting, Nora
"Mr Chen Zhihui was excellent in helping me to address my case. Thank you very much!"
- Yeo Bee Fong
"I had assistance from the hotline staff to navigate to the online transaction page. The customer service executives are of great help."
- Chia Chow Yen
"(my cpf Online Services) Very efficient and user-friendly."
- Win Myint
"(my cpf Online Services) Super."
- Sudirman
"My father and I would like to express our compliments and thanks to Ms Felicia Wee for her helpfulness, attentiveness and efficiency when assisting us. She is always polite to people. She is truly a role model for other CPF staff to be aspired and the Board should be proud of her. Her service provided had truly left a very good impression on my father."
- Andy Soon
"(my cpf Online Services) It is easy and simple to use. I like it."
- Siow Sin Lee
"Ms Evangeline Chan was very helpful and patient in assisting me over several enquires. She went the extra mile to assist me and is definitely a role model for being efficient."
- Kawazoe Akiyo
"(CPF Ask Us) It is so easy getting the answers to my doubts and saves time when searching for information."
- Padmavathi D/O T
"(my cpf Online Services) Love it."
- Han Kim Gek
"It is easy to use the CPF website."
- Jason Hang
"Before visiting Singapore, I corresponded with CPF personnel through emails over some matters. I received prompt reply and already have some knowledge of what to expect. Making an e-appointment also saved me alot of time in waiting. I waited only 10 minutes before being served by a CPF ambassador. He was not only polite but also very knowledgeable. Although it took quite a bit of time to explain the issue, it was worth my time flying to Singapore for this service. I was also shown on how to do the changes through CPF website. Using the SingPass to log into the online services, this will save me alot of time to do all these changes in overseas."
- Michael Yap
"Efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Always grateful knowing that there is a friendly voice at CPF Board. Keep up the excellent service and best wishes."
- Robin Yap
"I am very pleased to use my cpf Online Services. It is easy to access, reliable, secure and saves time."
- Zaw Htoo
"Allows us to check CPF easily and regularly with convenience."
- Teo Hang Keong
"Ms Karen Huang's responses were prompt, clear and concise. Keep up the great member support service. Thanks."
- Roger Chung
"(my cpf Online Services) It's simple and user-friendly. Well done!"
- Manikandan Palanivel
"Mr Roy was brilliant, helpful and provided great advice on my enquiry efficiently. Great job!"
- Paul
"(my cpf Online Services) I like this. This is okay for elderly people like me thanks."
- Parameswari
"The service is considered excellent, even when it was already after office hours. The CPF staff took their initiative to answer my enquiry. I truly appreciate their effort."
- Ma Hing Min
"(my cpf Online Services) Very friendly."
- Paramasivan Senthil Kumar
"Everything is the best and easiest in this website. Superb!"
- Abdul Ziahudeen
"Very polite, helpful, your staff are willing to answer my doubts efficiently. Satisfied with the services provided. Thank you."
- Fadley Haris
"Appreciate CPF staff for their clear information as I am new to CPF in Singapore. Such clarifications led me to understand more about the monthly contribution. Really appreciate it."
- Liaw Kuan Ren
"(my cpf Online Services) Seamless! Easy to use. Very good customer experience."
- Lee Lung Nien
"Mr Christopher Teo was very helpful and went out of his way to give us all the information we required. His friendly and warm personality made us feel very at ease. He is indeed an indispensable asset to CPF Board and is liked no other government officer we have ever met."
- Sally Lai Sow Chan
"(my cpf Online Services) It's so much better as we don't need to join the queue anymore."
- Norfazilah Zakariah
"Can't find anything to improve at the moment but I must applaud that CPF Ask Us is the most effective (search engine) amongst the statutory boards. It is user friendly and locating the answers is hassle-free."
- June Hor
"(my cpf Online Services) Keep up the good work! :)"
- Karamjeet Kaur
"Thanks to Ms Amanda Leow for her step-by-step instruction. I could get the information easily by following her instruction."
- Christopher K Lee
"(my cpf Online Services) Perfect job in making it easier for us to check and print our CPF contribution history statements."
- Enoch Thio
"(my cpf Online Services) Well done."
- Cheng Yew Sik
"(my cpf Online Services) It's very easy to use. Keep up the good job."
- Makswiri
"(my cpf Online Services) Very good! :o)"
- Tan Chong Soo
"My sincere thanks to all your staff for their prompt and accurate services in attending to my transaction. A million thanks to CPF Board - the best organisation in the world!"
- V Balasubramanian
"Mr Eugene Pan was indeed very prompt in his reply. He was very helpful and very clear and precise in his explanation. With his help and explanation, I am now able to make a decision on the options offered. Mr Pan indeed deserve a word of praise from your organisation. It is staff like him that makes life easier for us. Mr Pan, thank you for your patience and appreciate your help."
- Kong Chong Seng
"Ms Jean Quek, was very good. She actually explained that she had printed off all the maid levy detail for 4 years but could not provide 5 years as the records did not go back that far. I appreciated the clarity and information before i received it in the post. Many thanks."
- Christina Oliver
"Maurice provided me a detailed, well-written answer to my question, and even provided relevant info links on how I can proceed further. Excellent service!"
- Tan Soo Leng Cyrille
"Ms Michelle Thoi took the trouble to call me to clarify the email address which I had entered wrongly. Her reply was clear, informative and relevant. She was efficient and helpful. Thank you."
- Ng Mun Heng
"I would like to applaud Ms Chua Shirley for being proactive and responsive to our request. Ms Shirley went to the extra mile to update us promptly on the status. We were very impressed with Ms Shirley for her initiative to follow up on our matter."
- Teo Chiew Chain
"Mr Ed Cai Junhui was prompt in his reply to my enquiry. His answer was very clear and to the point. Thumbs up! Thank you very much."
- Lim Yong Lee Winnie
"(CPF Ask Us) It is simple and easy to navigate."
- Daniel Yen TF
"I personally find this website very helpful and strongly recommend everyone to visit this intelligent website! Great job and effort to CPF!"
- Sathasivam Ratnam
"(my cpf Online Services) Fast and easy to check my statement."
- Chua Heok
"(my cpf Online Services) Easy to use."
- Rosesauro
"Your customer service officers in the general and technical departments are not only helpful but confident. They also do their best to comfort us when we have a problem and understanding what to do by saying "that it is not a problem" and that they will guide us through."
- Jeffery Chong
"(my cpf Online Services) The layout is user-friendly & easy to find."
- Gan Yee Ming
"I could see that my query was a very complex and tedious one but Mr Darran Ng was always escorting the challenges and problems encountered during the whole process, without re-directing the problems to others. His attention to update me with the details and close the loop was highly appreciated. He has demonstrated "Excellent Service" throughout the whole process. Once again, a million thanks to Darran and his other HPS colleagues in this case."
- Mr Raymond Kwek
"(my cpf Online Services) Very convenient especially when making e-appointment with the customer service executives."
- Zainal Bin Don
"I would like to commend on the excellent customer service provided by Ms Jane Chay and Ms Jolene Lim. It is not easy to attend to customer needs and queries and they did an excellent job of answering all my questions in clear proper English. They are knowledgeable, helpful and patient."
- Yeo Cecilia Nee Peng Kwok San
"(CPF Ask Us) It is very clear and easy to understand. Thanks."
- Lau Cheng Choo
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