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Hardcopy Submission (Processing fees may apply)

CPF contribution details must be submitted together with CPF payments. A Processing Fee (PF) of $7 per employee per month will be charged when you submit CPF contribution details for 11 and more employees using the hardcopy Payment Advice (Form CPF 91).

If you are submitting contribution details using hardcopy forms, please complete and return the following form to the Board by the last day of the grace period:

Payment Advice (Form CPF 91)

You will receive the Payment Advice (Form CPF 91) for subsequent month’s submission together with the Record of Payment once your current month’s submission has been processed.

After your current month’s submission has been processed, you will receive the Payment Advice for subsequent month’s submission together with the Record of Payment. If you are paying CPF Contributions for new employee(s), please provide their details under Part II: Contribution Details of the Payment Advice. If the rows are insufficient, please provide the details on a separate sheet.

For hardcopy submission, you can make payments using any one of these modes:

Payment mode Things to note
Cheque Cheques should be crossed and made payable to the “CPF Board”. Please write down the company’s CPF Submission Number (CSN) and the month of CPF contributions paid for on the reverse side of the cheque.

Cheques must be submitted together with the Payment Advice, and may be mailed to CPF Board or dropped into the cheque deposit boxes at any CPF Service Centre.
Please also remember to:
  • date and sign the cheque correctly;
  • ensure that the words and figures tally; and.
  • countersign against any amendment/ alteration.

  • SingPost

    Payment can be made via NETS, CashCard or cash at any Singapore Post Office. The payment must be accompanied by the Payment Advice (Form CPF 91). A receipt will be issued for the payment.

    Payment by NETS is subject to the daily withdrawal limit set by your bank.

    Please do not send cash by post.

    You will receive the Record of Payment (Form CPF 90) when your payment has been processed. Please check your Record of Payment and inform the Board immediately of any inaccuracy. The Record of Payment should be kept for future reference. A service charge is payable for printing of any past Record of Payment.

     Last Updated on: Monday, July 14, 2014 at 5:29 PM
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